• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 15.11.21, 16:54
  • Opened by: Javier Rodriguez

Ticket #22600 - Image in product page not load and add to cart not working

Hello, I don’t see the main image of the product and when I click one thumbnail nothing happens, also when I try to add a product to the cart nothing happens unitl I reload or change the page, you can try it in this product for example https://amzcoach.es/carmen/13024-1140-espadrilles-carmen-nucleo-oro.html#/1-talla-36

Thanks a lot for your time and help


Fred 15 Nov 2021, 16:59

Hi, Javier.
That's because you are using outdated Prestashop version.
There are two ways to fix that
1. Update Prestashop
2. I can make a fix in the theme file to make it compatible with old PS version

Javier Rodriguez 16 Nov 2021, 17:41

Hello, I just try to update Prestashop and had some problems, so I will apreciate if you can make a fix in the theme file to make it compatible, Thanks a lot for your time and help

Fred 16 Nov 2021, 18:03

Could you please describe what exactly to fix?

Javier Rodriguez 17 Nov 2021, 09:42

Yes, my problem is that I cant see the image in the product page (https://amzcoach.es/carmen/13024-1140-espadrilles-carmen-nucleo-oro.html#/1-talla-36) also when I click the thumbnails nothing happends, and when I click add to cart nothing happends

Fred 17 Nov 2021, 21:50

The image problem is resolved.
As for the click on thumbnail please do the following:
- go to /themes/classic/assets/js/ and copy theme.js file
- go to /themes/alysum/assets/js/ and paste it there
(I have tried but can't do that through cPanel)

Javier Rodriguez 18 Nov 2021, 11:52

I just follow your steps and all seems to work correctly, thanks a lot for your time

Fred 18 Nov 2021, 20:49

You are welcome!