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Ticket #22611 - Website Template not shown


I’ve just installed Alysum Prestashop - AMP theme, I selected a Preset, etc... but I don’t see anything in the desktop webpage, the only thing I see is the header when reducing screen to mobile size...

What should i do?

Thank you!


Fred 17 Nov 2021, 08:17

Hi, Carlos Manuel Garcia Muñoz.
As I can see here is no installed theme in your back office.
Please check out installation video here https://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/#import-throught-browser

Carlos Manuel Garcia Muñoz 17 Nov 2021, 11:22

Hi, sorry I saw the time for response and I tried to reinstall everything to see if it could work. And It worked, so you can close the ticket. Thank you very much

Fred 17 Nov 2021, 21:07

Great! You are welcome!