• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Venedor
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 18.11.21, 12:43
  • Opened by: Craig

Ticket #22618 - after upgrade to Theme "Venedor" v.3.4.0 AMP isuues


After upgrading to Theme “Venedor” v.3.4.0 my amp setting have a issue.

See attached,

I have now disabled force to mobile.


AMP_Isse.JPG (78.9 KiB)


Fred 18 Nov 2021, 20:45

Hi, Craig.
Do you have an option to restore a backup?
We currently have small vacation with limited internet connection and hard to debug such problem in such conditions

Craig 03 Dec 2021, 10:09


Can you please have a look at my shop, page builder just goes round and round, can not make any changes.

Also can you please assist with the upgrade now? I am scared to try as I may get the same issues?


Craig 03 Dec 2021, 11:29


I see you are logged into the back office, website is down?


error.JPG (136.5 KiB)
Fred 03 Dec 2021, 11:29

Wait a moment, in progress...

Craig 03 Dec 2021, 11:32

I have allowed your IP - ??

Please try again

Fred 03 Dec 2021, 11:34

Something wrong with cache.
There is an error in the file https://take.ms/G6bvb

But even if I remove everything from that file the error is still the same.
Could you please disable all cache you are using?

Craig 03 Dec 2021, 11:44

I cant get to the performance page

Craig 03 Dec 2021, 11:47

I have placed the site into maintenance mode

Fred 03 Dec 2021, 11:49

I have completely disabled problematic module. Please try now

Craig 03 Dec 2021, 11:58

no luck, enabled the shop, same issue

Fred 03 Dec 2021, 12:04

Are the FTP credentials correct? Now changes in the front page if I edit files there

Craig 03 Dec 2021, 12:30

I have updated

Craig 03 Dec 2021, 12:31



chache1.JPG (106.6 KiB)
Craig 03 Dec 2021, 12:32

and 'ps_caching' ⇒ 'CacheMemcached',

It is and always has been enabled and working on the server, self managed.

Fred 03 Dec 2021, 13:35

Now back office is not available for me https://take.ms/LgMjl

Craig 03 Dec 2021, 13:38

I have restored from a backup, it was the only way for me.

Fred 03 Dec 2021, 13:39

Ok, I see

Craig 03 Dec 2021, 13:52

I wont make any changes now that you are in.

Can you connect to the ftp server?

also look at logs, have this

Backward compatibility for this method couldn\'t be handled. Use $this->registerJavascript() instead
Fred 03 Dec 2021, 14:03

Yes, I can connect now.
In what file I that warnings appear? - $this→registerJavascript
It's not a bug and not necessary to change that

Craig 04 Dec 2021, 06:33

Hi Team, what is the plan? I restored from back - again.
Current issues are:

  1. Sticky menu not sticking on desktop version
  2. unable to use the page builder to make changes to the home page, footer, etc (Desktop)
  3. Same issue with AMP
  4. unable to upgrade

Please advise.



Fred 04 Dec 2021, 12:26

You can update it once more, but you have to disable all cache before (and keep it disabled while you see some problems)
Also provide full access to your website via FTP to let me edit files if that will be necessary

Craig 04 Dec 2021, 13:55


So my current config is:

Smarty= on, tpe MYSQL
Caching is enable, type is CacheMemcache

I will change to:
Smarty = off
Caching = off

I also have JPresta - Speed Pack v7.7.10 - by JPresta.com, its currently disabled, must i uninstall first?

Please advise

Craig 04 Dec 2021, 14:05

So did the above, update says done but then back to the original issue that i opened this ticket for.

I have restored now for the third time from a backup, i cant afford to have the site down or offline like this.

Please advise how we move this forward.....


Fred 04 Dec 2021, 17:18

I see only one way to move forward, make an update and fix the issue that will appear.