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  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 19.11.21, 11:08
  • Opened by: Reflexos Criativos

Ticket #22628 - Langua ISO instead of icon

How can I use the language ISO code and not the icon on my header?

I’m using fullheader template


Fred 19 Nov 2021, 20:53

Hi, Reflexos Criativos.
Do you just want to have a list of languages in header instead of dropdown menu?

Reflexos Criativos 20 Nov 2021, 11:42

I would like to have the selected language ISO (EN, PT, DE, ...) instead of the icon, to open the drop down

Fred 20 Nov 2021, 22:02

I can try to do that for you, but I need access to your FTP.
Current credentials doesn't allow me to connect

Reflexos Criativos 22 Nov 2021, 00:00

Hi, that credentials are correct.
Try not to use passive mode or ssl...

Fred 23 Nov 2021, 23:21

Please keep a backup of the file /httpdocs/modules/pkheaderitems/views/templates/front/headeritems.tpl

Reflexos Criativos 23 Nov 2021, 23:24

I unserstand if you can't do it, but would be possible to show one language, and show bougth in a submenu when mouse hover?
Thanks you very much.

Fred 23 Nov 2021, 23:29


Reflexos Criativos 23 Nov 2021, 23:32

I bellive I didn't explain myself, probably my bad english.
I don't want the ícon, I want to see the ISO of the selected language, and one mouse over I would see the ISO of all languages available:

PT (menu)

PT (submenu)
GB (submenu)

Fred 24 Nov 2021, 13:34

My English is not good too :)

But you already have ISO codes in the dropdown list https://take.ms/xxPE6

Fred 24 Nov 2021, 13:35

Or you want to have ISO code right in the header, like this https://take.ms/aceCW

Reflexos Criativos 24 Nov 2021, 14:42

Se the attached file.

Bu it like the second option you sent https://monosnap.com/file/DbIgiP1mT0VHRfJ3xa44BstZqRzxPV

The submenu languages could be ISO format or the full name, the one its best for you.


labguages.jpg (59.4 KiB)
Fred 24 Nov 2021, 16:42

Ok, I can make it like this only https://take.ms/ZGKGJ

Reflexos Criativos 24 Nov 2021, 18:28

The only thing it missing, is changing the globe ícon by the current ISO language.
You can't do it?
If not, I would prefer that you revert to the version that list PT GB side by side, without a submenu.

Fred 24 Nov 2021, 18:38

Please keep a backup of this file

Reflexos Criativos 25 Nov 2021, 15:36

Hi, would be possible to have this solution in the mobile version?

Reflexos Criativos 25 Nov 2021, 15:37

Would be possible to have this solutgion in the mobile version?

Fred 25 Nov 2021, 15:41

Unfortunately we don't have free time for customizations, sorry

Reflexos Criativos 25 Nov 2021, 15:42

Ok, I understand, I will try to clone the desktop solution
thanks anyway
I'm very happy with the theme and with your extra help

Fred 25 Nov 2021, 15:53

Thank you for understanding, we just have too much support ticket last time