• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Closed
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 23.11.21, 09:03
  • Opened by: Gaspar Aguilo
  • Closed by: Anonymous Submitter
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  • Reason: Not a bug

Ticket #22641 - Favorite button

Hi Fred,

can we disable wishlist button on product miniature? I don’t see the option.



wishlist.png (5.9 KiB)


Fred 23 Nov 2021, 22:29

Hi, Gaspar.
Go to Design → Positions, find Favorites module and unhook it from "DisplayProductButton" hook

Gaspar Aguilo 25 Nov 2021, 13:50


We realized that the cart price don't update when you add or remove from the cart.
And the cross for remove product from cart dissapear when you go to another part of the web.

Can you check it, please?


carrito1.PNG (92.7 KiB)
carrito2.PNG (38.2 KiB)
carrito 3.PNG (31.6 KiB)
carrito 4.PNG (99.3 KiB)
Fred 25 Nov 2021, 14:38

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change

Gaspar Aguilo 26 Nov 2021, 09:29

Well, the cross don't dissapear, but the price is not displayed never, and now the cart has a strange behavior:

When we add a product to the cart, the cart icon moves to the left and displays a minicart or something like that.

When we open the cart, it haven't pay button or show cart button and not display the price.

When we quit the products from the cart, al the header items icons come together and display the message "Your cart is empty"


carro2.PNG (22.8 KiB)
carro3.PNG (22.1 KiB)
carro.PNG (4.6 KiB)
Gaspar Aguilo 26 Nov 2021, 11:46

I don't know if you did something, but now it works.
If you don't do anything maybe was the cache.
Thanks anyway and sorry for that if was the cache!

Fred 26 Nov 2021, 11:47

Yes, that's definitely was a cache