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Ticket #22705 - Sidebar menu

Hi fred,

The menu of my website is not working correctly on mobile ( mobile only )

I’m thinking about changing it to sidebar menu ? is it possible to do that ?

Or at least improve the menu because the submenu doesn’t appear

Thank you in advance


Fred 01 Dec 2021, 23:35

Hi, Alexandre.
Looks like you have customized some code because I have tested out our demo and menu works fine there, here is the screenshot from my phone https://take.ms/5RKR5

Alexandre Bertrand 03 Dec 2021, 12:39

Hi Fred!
Thanks for the answer, I don't remember modifying the main menu code on mobile. Can you please tell me which file should i update please

Fred 03 Dec 2021, 13:31

Can I just try to upload original menu files?

Alexandre Bertrand 03 Dec 2021, 13:47

Yes you can please

Alexandre Bertrand 03 Dec 2021, 17:38

Hi fred !

The mobile menu, still not working ! And the search is no lounger working correctly

need your help please

Fred 04 Dec 2021, 12:35

The search works fine for me https://take.ms/o2zDP how to see the problem?

Fred 04 Dec 2021, 12:44

as for menu, the issue caused by this line of CSS https://take.ms/bls0G

Alexandre Bertrand 06 Dec 2021, 13:32

Okay, great, the mobile menu has been fixed.
The search on laptop works fine but not on mobile

Fred 07 Dec 2021, 13:25

What do you mean?
For me it looks pretty fine https://take.ms/T6FuV

Alexandre Bertrand 07 Dec 2021, 14:23

Hi fred !

I think you did not get what mean
The Menu works fine thank you

I'm talking about the search input on mobile https://take.ms/Ga5H7 https://take.ms/5Hu67

Fred 07 Dec 2021, 15:39

Do you have enabled some cache? I have updated Header Items files but nothing changed in the front page

Alexandre Bertrand 07 Dec 2021, 15:59

I just empty all caches & Cloudflare developer mode is on
but i did not notice any changes !

Fred 08 Dec 2021, 21:50

Just found out another your ticket, and there is the same issue. I edit some file but nothing changed in the front page.
Please try to edit any theme file yourself and let me know the result

Alexandre Bertrand 22 Dec 2021, 10:40

Hi fred !

I'have tried everything i know but nothing help me, even the search icon Position won't get in top !

Fred 22 Dec 2021, 12:47

it works fine now, please check it out - https://take.ms/RL3fE

Alexandre Bertrand 23 Dec 2021, 11:40

Great ! It works

Thank you

Fred 23 Dec 2021, 11:40

You are welcome!