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  • Open Date: 08.12.21, 12:10
  • Opened by: Sophia Kulakova

Ticket #22744 - full screen

Hello, how to make a full screen drop-down menu like in the screenshot with your preview


Fred 08 Dec 2021, 18:11

Hi, Sophia.
Try following CSS code

#header .horizontal-menu-wrapper .pk-widget.widget-module,
#header .horizontal-menu-wrapper .col-xl-12.col-lg-12 {position:static}
Sophia Kulakova 08 Dec 2021, 18:25


Fred 08 Dec 2021, 18:27

You are welcome!

Sophia Kulakova 07 Jan 2022, 09:23

After I made the menu on the whole page, a double half-bar for moving and a white field at the bottom began to appear.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FyaOSVDyO0Pfccy_U7dpqO1XFuKLHvtA/view?usp=sharing This is seen in the video. This is on all pages, to which the menu leads or if a menu was opened before clicking on some button. If you go to a page and a double slider appears there, and then again hover the cursor over the menu and again on the page, then most often the double slider goes away.

Fred 07 Jan 2022, 12:17

We never seen such issue before. maybe you have installed some third-party module recently what causes the issue?

Sophia Kulakova 07 Jan 2022, 12:23

no, I didn't install anything, this problem appeared as soon as I entered the code that you wrote, I just forgot to write about this problem, now people have started writing to me about it.

Fred 07 Jan 2022, 12:24

Strange, need some time for investigation...

Sophia Kulakova 08 Jan 2022, 16:50

OK, I am waiting

Fred 09 Jan 2022, 23:01

We spent half day on that with no success yet. Need more time

Sophia Kulakova 13 Jan 2022, 09:39

Hello, did you manage to find out what the problem is?

Fred 13 Jan 2022, 11:13

I can't reproduce the issue anymore, tested out on Windows and Macos, did you change something in website configuration.

Sophia Kulakova 13 Jan 2022, 13:12

no, I didn’t do anything, we had a weekend and I didn’t even go to the site. I still see the problem

Fred 13 Jan 2022, 14:03

Just tested out all available browsers on Windows (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) but don't see the issue. I have tried the same actions as you showed me in the video

Sophia Kulakova 13 Jan 2022, 15:32

I don’t understand how this is possible, because I checked in different browsers, cleared the cache several times and I still have this problem, and as soon as you load the main page, it appears. This can be seen even through the site browsing service from different devices http://iloveadaptive.com/ru/url/http%3A%2F%2Fnew.amberheart.ru%2Fru%2F. But apparently it appears on different screen extensions. The big ones don't, the little ones do.

Fred 13 Jan 2022, 16:51

What is your browser, browser version, and screen resolution?

Sophia Kulakova 13 Jan 2022, 20:28

Chrome. 97.0.4692.71, 1920Х1080

Fred 14 Jan 2022, 11:42

sorry, but I have no idea what to do.
There is still no such issue in my computer with the same screen 1920Х1080 and the latest Chrome version 97.0.4692.71
See the screenshot https://take.ms/udmEx

Sophia Kulakova 14 Jan 2022, 13:22

But this error is also visible through the adaptability check service. And the web developer who helps me with little things sees it too. http://iloveadaptive.com/url/http%3A%2F%2Fnew.amberheart.ru%2Fru%2F see for yourself on the site

Sophia Kulakova 14 Jan 2022, 13:23

If you enable viewing on desktops, you can see that on some screens it immediately loads with an error, on some it’s normal

Fred 14 Jan 2022, 16:18

Yes I also see two scrolls on that testing website, but in your website directly the scroll is only one - https://take.ms/ZkPi8k

I don't know how to fix the issue I don't have

Sophia Kulakova 15 Jan 2022, 13:23

hello, my developer solved this problem today, thanks for trying to help

Fred 15 Jan 2022, 21:44

great, where was the problem?

Sophia Kulakova 19 Jan 2022, 09:08

there, in fact, for the element that is responsible for the height of the screen, the styles were twice indicated
height, and max-height is specified, i.e. this conflict led to the appearance of a white field at the bottom.

Fred 19 Jan 2022, 11:03

Ok, thank you for the explanation