Ticket #22755 - Custom CSS

HI, we have some problem:

1) One with the custom css that are not applied, specifically, I added a css rule for a button on the product page “.whatsapp-hookDisplayProductActions span” but when I load the page it is not applied

2) A problem with the Promokit Header Items module. I added a Link List by configuring it by creating a block with the hook you indicated “displayHeaderItemsLinks” but it is not displayed

3) There is an incompatibility with the module product comments 5.0 even with the prestashop last version and last version of your theme (screenshoot in attach)

4) There is an incompatibility with the module Script Manager - Google Tags it doesn’t run the js

5) There is an incompatibility with the module Please Choose attributes it’s the labels are not displayed

Can you check and understand why and bring us a solution ?





Fred 11 Dec 2021, 16:01

Hi, manifatture Bianchetti.
1. I don't see an element of home page with such class "whatsapp-hookDisplayProductActions".
2. I just enabled Link List and it appears in the header https://take.ms/KXWy6

3. Yes, we know about such problem, but that's not related to the theme. Try to unhook that module from the "filterProductContent"
4&5 The theme has all necessary hooks (like Classic theme). Try to reset those modules that doesn't works

manifatture Bianchetti 11 Dec 2021, 16:52

for the second point here if I add a custom link it's doesn't show , here two screen shoot

Fred 11 Dec 2021, 19:10

Ok, I see, we need to check that out...

Fred 13 Dec 2021, 15:10

Now it works, the issue seems was with widget settings, we didn't edit files.

manifatture Bianchetti 13 Dec 2021, 23:28

no, it's show the name of the block not the link setting inside... and what's the 1 after the "il tuo account" ?


Fred 14 Dec 2021, 13:09

now it should be fixed, https://take.ms/z3eGG

manifatture Bianchetti 15 Dec 2021, 11:23

For the point 4 when I try to reset the module Script Manager - Google Tags, there is an error. in attach the screenshoot

Fred 15 Dec 2021, 11:28

That is not theme's problem. Please check out this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfEpLikS4W4