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Ticket #22768 - Fake alert - Unable to Add to cart

on the mobile version ( https://shop.bianchetti.it/it/mobile ), when i try to add a product to the cart, i have this message :”Unable to Add to cart” but there is the product in the cart, this is a simple fake alert.
What can i do?



Fred 13 Dec 2021, 16:47

The error caused by this file /override/classes/Product.php. That is non default prestashop file which was added there by some third party module. You can try to rename that file to "disable" it

manifatture Bianchetti 13 Dec 2021, 23:06

I try to rename it or delete it but it doesn't works ... there are always the same alert ...


IMG_0511.PNG (802.4 KiB)
Fred 14 Dec 2021, 11:03

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change