• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 13.12.21, 11:53
  • Opened by: Cristiano Canova

Ticket #22773 - Creative Elements does not load contents

Hello, when i try to modify home page with creative elements it does not load any content.
Can you please take a look?


Fred 13 Dec 2021, 12:20

Hi, Cristiano.
What website has the problem, I see you have two licenses

Cristiano Canova 13 Dec 2021, 12:21

Hi the one the is not working is www.anagibaru.com

Fred 13 Dec 2021, 12:42

Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your FTP Server

Cristiano Canova 13 Dec 2021, 12:48

Thanks, sorry my mistake! Infos updated

Fred 13 Dec 2021, 19:02

Ok, now it works https://take.ms/ee62l 1. In the Theme Settings → Home Page select "displayHomeBuilder" hook, and then in the Creative Elements → Content Anywhere build your page and assign it to the same hook

Cristiano Canova 14 Dec 2021, 11:28

Hi Fred, sorry to write you again but i'm not able to access creative elements again. I had to restore a back-up that i made yesterday at midnight... Sorry.

Fred 14 Dec 2021, 11:32

Try following fix:
Open the file:
find the line:

{if $pktheme.hp_builder == 1}

replace it with:

{if $pktheme.hp_builder == 0}
Cristiano Canova 14 Dec 2021, 11:41

Done but again i can't modify Creative elements

Fred 14 Dec 2021, 12:17

It works now again.
I just put the elementor layout to the hook selected in the Theme Settings → Home page

Cristiano Canova 14 Dec 2021, 12:26

Thanks... i'm a nightmare... really sorry but i can't edit any banner image in the home page...


Fred 14 Dec 2021, 12:32

Yes, that’sa problem of Revolution slider v.4.x
We are going to update it to the latest version soon.
But don’t worry it works fine in front page