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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 14.12.21, 15:08
  • Opened by: Stefano Antonelli

Ticket #22781 - homepage is not displayed

Hello Vladimir,
I wanted to create the site in multilingual, so I created the various sections in elementor, but this one of the home page is not displayed, and when I edit the page appears content that has not been inserted.

I wonder why these errors?

Check this link: https://dealo.it/it/?id_employee=1&adtoken=413b7eb54062ab0c11ce0827ddb8cc0c&uid=5020101

*You can reproduce this error by going to the preview of the element

Can you give me some advice for possible future

thank you for your time, I look forward to your feedback.

Have a nice day


hp dealo.PNG (74.9 KiB)
hp error 1.PNG (535.8 KiB)
hp error 2.PNG (38.8 KiB)
hp error 3.PNG (44.2 KiB)


Stefano Antonelli 15 Dec 2021, 10:38

attivando il debug noto che la parte mobile riscontra degli errori.

Può controllare per favore ?

La mia versione di php in allegato


Fred 15 Dec 2021, 11:08

Hi, Stefano.
Mobile error is fixed.
As for Elementor, could you please try to reinstall it, something definitely wrong there

Stefano Antonelli 15 Dec 2021, 11:56

Salve Fred,
grazie del intervento e della risposta.

Ricarico il modulo Elementor "creativeelements" tramite FTP ?

perche noto che ci sono due, anche "pkelements"


Fred 15 Dec 2021, 19:32

you don't need to upload it, just uninstall and install it back