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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 21.12.21, 10:20
  • Opened by: Rosita Paparelli

Ticket #22811 - Error after upgrading Simple Blog


after upgrading the Simple Blog Module the design of all posts have been destroyed...

Now when I enter a post and click save button i see the error “There have been an error during the upgrade of simpleblog_post (Unknown column ‘gallery_style’ in ‘field list’) “. Check the image attached.

I kindly ask you to resolve with the UTMOST URGENCY.



Fred 21 Dec 2021, 10:36

Try following SQL fix.
Open your phpMyAdmin, and import this code

ALTER TABLE `PREFIX_simpleblog_post` ADD `gallery_style` VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL AFTER `id_product`;

Replace "PREFIX" with your real table prefix

Rosita Paparelli 21 Dec 2021, 11:05

It has worked and now I don't see the notice, but why the module doesn't show up the right cover image? Now I see old images which I have changed many days ago and that are not the ones present in the backend of the post pages...

Fred 21 Dec 2021, 11:49

Looks like something was changed in the blog module. Can't say exactly, but will check out and try to fix it for you

Fred 21 Dec 2021, 11:50

Could you please give me a link to a page where I can see the issue?

Rosita Paparelli 21 Dec 2021, 13:04

Go to the home page, on the bottom part of the page before the footer, the link is the following artigianferonline.it.
Going to the backend of the site you will see that inside the posts the cover images are different

Fred 21 Dec 2021, 23:29

I can't understand what is going on with images. We spent a lot of time on that with no success.
Do you have some extra cache enabled? Have you tried to re-upload post images?