• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 27.12.21, 18:53
  • Opened by: Tamara Van Eenoo

Ticket #22826 - displayContactPageBuilder


I’m trying to use Creative Elements to build a custom contact page but I keep getting “Undefined Position”.

Can you check?



Tamara Van Eenoo 27 Dec 2021, 19:40

PS... I'm using Creative Elements Pro

Fred 28 Dec 2021, 11:35

Could you please give me a link to a page where I can see the issue?

Fred 28 Dec 2021, 12:24

but that's back office link, I need a link to contact page, because I can't find it in the front office

Fred 28 Dec 2021, 12:47

Ok, thanks.
I need access to your FTP server but I'm not able to connect with provided credentials

Tamara Van Eenoo 28 Dec 2021, 13:00

Can you try again, I just reset it to the one you just tried

Fred 28 Dec 2021, 15:30

Looks like Pro version changed something. Please try now, it should work

Tamara Van Eenoo 28 Dec 2021, 17:24

Hey Fred,

Something has changed indeed but when I try to make changes to the Contact page using "Content Anywhere" it's adding info to the Homepage instead.
Same goes for the Porduct page using Content Anywhere, don't even know where that content went :) Also, the Slider Content is now shown in the footer... weird.

Tamara Van Eenoo 28 Dec 2021, 17:45

Would it help if I tried uninstalling the theme completely, including all promokit modules, and then install it again?

Fred 28 Dec 2021, 17:46

No, don't do it.
We are trying to figure out what's wrong. Just give a some time

Tamara Van Eenoo 28 Dec 2021, 17:48

I won't touch anything ;)

Fred 28 Dec 2021, 17:49

ok )

Tamara Van Eenoo 29 Dec 2021, 14:52

How's it going Fred?

Fred 29 Dec 2021, 14:53

Sorry for the delay. Hope to find a solution today

Fred 29 Dec 2021, 21:20

— sorry, wrong comment —

Fred 29 Dec 2021, 22:06

Could you please test out the issue now, it should be fixed

Tamara Van Eenoo 29 Dec 2021, 23:32

Can you tell me what has changed? When I try to use 'content anywhere', I'm still stuck on an error msg. Says 'this preview could not be loaded', and this for contact and product Pages.

Tamara Van Eenoo 30 Dec 2021, 13:11

Hey Fred, I just reverted the Theme settings back to Default for Category, Product and Contact Page... just FYI.
The Creative Elements "Content Anywhere" thingies were still not working so I disabled them for Contact and Product.

Fred 30 Dec 2021, 13:11

Working on that right now...

Tamara Van Eenoo 30 Dec 2021, 13:16

Thank you Fred ;)

Fred 30 Dec 2021, 13:26

Please test it out now.
Pro version changed it's variables what causes these problems

Tamara Van Eenoo 30 Dec 2021, 14:19

Hey Fred... positive change :) I can now setup the Contact Page and Product Page using Content Anywhere.
displayCategoryPageBuilder is not working yet in Content Anywhere.
also, 2 smaller issues are still left:
- When using Content Anywhere, I see the Home, Contact and Product parts, all on the same editing page.
- The Creative Slider still shows it's text content overlayed in the footer instead of on the Slider.

Fred 31 Dec 2021, 13:16

Category Page builder works now.
- As for the different content in Editor mode, we need more time
- Creative slider issue is in front page or back office?

Tamara Van Eenoo 31 Dec 2021, 14:15

Creative slider issue is in front and backoffice, but not in the creative slider editor.
Attached some screenshots for you to see.

No Rush on the content in editor mode ;)

Happy new year to you guys :)

Fred 03 Jan 2022, 10:07

I'm not sure we can help you with Creative Slider, it's not a part of the theme. Have you tried to contact module developer?

Tamara Van Eenoo 03 Jan 2022, 13:02

I understand but creative slider was working just fine before I opened this ticket. So not sure what was done amongst the first attempts to fix the content anywhere issues, but it was definitely working fine at first ;)

Fred 03 Jan 2022, 19:17

Strange, I'll try to figure out what's wrong

Fred 05 Jan 2022, 12:33

Maybe I missed something, but I don't see the issue. Just added Creative slider and it works with no problem https://take.ms/VsQ3P

Tamara Van Eenoo 05 Jan 2022, 13:03

Yes, the slider show, but the content (Tekst) for it shows underneath it (not seen on your screenshot) :)

Fred 05 Jan 2022, 13:40

That module was not hooked into hook "displayHeader", now it works

Tamara Van Eenoo 05 Jan 2022, 22:59

Thanks Fred, it works. You are amazing :)

Fred 05 Jan 2022, 23:00

You are welcome!