• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 28.12.21, 08:17
  • Opened by: Mgr.Karel Kostrab

Ticket #22828 - rev slider


can’t add new pictures to rev slider. An error appears, see attachment


revslider.jpg (85.2 KiB)


Fred 28 Dec 2021, 12:17

Hi, Mgr.Karel Kostrab.
As I can see the module is nor installed properly.
Try to uninstall and install it back

Mgr.Karel Kostrab 28 Dec 2021, 13:06

I can't uninstall as usual, I have an error "The hook id # 800 does not exist in database"
Maybe it would be better if you sent me the rev slider module and I will try to reinstall it.

Fred 28 Dec 2021, 13:09

That's common prestashop problem. Here is a video how to fix that - https://take.ms/wkNmg

Mgr.Karel Kostrab 28 Dec 2021, 15:03

....but I'm not dealing with a blog, but a revolution slider. I can't add a picture to the gallery


add images.jpg (187.2 KiB)
Mgr.Karel Kostrab 29 Dec 2021, 11:03

Hi Fred

rev slider on desktop is solved (I turned off debug mode). I can add pictures.
I don't know how to solve the operation of the AMP module. I have installed this module several times and it is still a problem. For example, when I want to configure a homepage, an error pops up. See attached.
I can't set the mobile version of theme ... The mobile site has no modules.
Please help.


builder.jpg (48.1 KiB)
Fred 29 Dec 2021, 12:30

Hi, Mgr.Karel Kostrab.
I just reset AMP module, now it works

Mgr.Karel Kostrab 29 Dec 2021, 19:46

Hi Fred

thank you, I can configure the AMP module now, but I can't save the changes, respectively, only some will be saved
these issues are related to the mobile version template.

Some solution ?

Many thanks for help

Fred 29 Dec 2021, 21:44

I just checked out AMP settings, and AMP home page builder and everything works fine. How to see the issue?