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Ticket #22885 - improve 2 files

Hi Fred

after installing the cash on delivery module, I got a message about inserting a hook in two files in the right place. I don’t know the asylum template and I don’t know where to insert the script hook. For this reason, I would like to ask you to edit two files.
I had to do a new prestashop installation, it’s called webnew.

FTP access in my profile.

In the file in my layout template: /caj-kava-cokolada.sk/webnew/themes/alysum/templates/checkout/_partials/order-confirmation-table. tpl, is needs to add this string (HOOK) to the right place

{hook h = ‘displayDmCashondeliverySummary’}.

In my layout template: caj-kava-cokolada.sk/webnew/themes/alysum/templates/checkout/_partials/cart-summary.tpl, is need to add this string (HOOK) in the right place

{hook h = ‘displayDmCashondeliveryCart’}

Many thanks



Fred 12 Jan 2022, 19:45

Hi, Karel.
I don’t know what exactly right place is. I just added those hooks to the end of those files