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Ticket #22907 - Elementor showing blank pages when editing cms pages

Hello, i’ve updated the theme to 7.3 (reinstalled from scratch) and prestashop version to there seems to be an issue with elementor editor in the backend showing a blank page when trying to edit cms pages, everywhere else it works fine, if i import a template and save the page it’s correctly shown in the front end

image of backend: https://i.imgur.com/ilLkTvb.png


Fred 19 Jan 2022, 16:10

Hi, Battiloro Handpan S.r.l..
Open the file
remove last two lines

.elementor-editor-active .main-contant-wrapper > #main,
.elementor-editor-active .main-contant-wrapper > #content {display:none}
Battiloro Handpan S.r.l. 19 Jan 2022, 16:25

alright that fixed the issue, thank you

Fred 19 Jan 2022, 16:35

You are welcome!