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Ticket #23277 - theme installed not working with my shipping/carrier module

I have installed a integration with a carrier/shipping lable provider (Shipmondo)
This module in checkout makes it possible to choose a nearby delivery point based on address typed in.
All works just fine. But after installing Alysum it is not possible to choose delivery point.
This however works in theme Warehouse and plain Prestashop.
Is there a fix for this? or have I bought a useless theme? Which would be very sad, as Alysum looks pretty nice!



Fred 16 Apr 2022, 11:58

Hi, palle christensen.
Have you tried to reset your shipping module?
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server

palle christensen 16 Apr 2022, 19:03

Hi Fred.
Yes - I have reset, uninstalled and reinstalled - does not work as it is supposed to do.
Right now I have installed theme WAREHOUSE - access with details in my profile.
This to show that my SHIPMONDO module can work wit a theme installed.
You can freely install Alysum on this to see the different (backup made)
If you need me to toll on a clean Prestashop + Shipmondo (without theme) please let me know.

Fred 17 Apr 2022, 10:54

Hi, palle christensen.
Please update credentials in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your FTP Server
I need to check out module source code. That looks a bit weird for me that they wrote in the documentation the module is compatible with Warehouse theme. So I assume they have added some specific code or fix there.

palle christensen 17 Apr 2022, 19:32

That I can not say, but it works just fine with Warehouse.
You should be able to access my FTP server with info in my profile.
I am able to connect using this - se attached
Also I have attached shipmondo module.


ftp-connect.JPG (202.5 KiB)
Fred 18 Apr 2022, 11:49

Still not able to connect, see the screenshot https://take.ms/d3IUU

I have tried FTP/SFTP, secure/insecure but nothing works

palle christensen 18 Apr 2022, 19:45

Seems you are connecting wrong port - must be port 21 - not 22

palle christensen 18 Apr 2022, 20:10

By the way, to check selection of delivery point here are local address: gade/street = granly alle 49. by/City = Esbjerg. Postnummer/zip = 6710. Land/country = Danmark

Fred 19 Apr 2022, 10:52

I have tried SFTP that means port 22 by default
Please check out this screenshot https://take.ms/5pEjm

palle christensen 19 Apr 2022, 20:37

Hi Fred
You must specify port 21
Attached core config file if useable
Attached clip of FTP settings - showing port 21 is the way in :-) Suggest totalcommander

Fred 20 Apr 2022, 10:39

I have tried port 21 as well with no success https://take.ms/Ia0AN

palle christensen 20 Apr 2022, 20:19

Hi Fred
Login problem solved - I think.
Looks as you are using filezilla.
My server is Cpanel - so login must be:
Host: ftp.negleogvipper.eu User: akira@negleogvipper.eu
pass: Akiratest123!
Port: 21
And now hit quickconnect :-)


Fred 21 Apr 2022, 16:35

Sorry, but that doesn't work too https://take.ms/MgSjI

palle christensen 21 Apr 2022, 19:54

Hej Fred
I do not understand - I can logon using:
ftp.negleogvipper.eu akira@negleogvipper.eu
pass: Akiratest123! (please notice capital A and the sign !)
port: 21

palle christensen 21 Apr 2022, 21:38


Recording #9.mp4 (546.4 KiB)
Fred 22 Apr 2022, 10:17

I suppose your hosting provider blocks me. Please contact hosting support regarding the issue with connection

palle christensen 23 Apr 2022, 22:09

Hi Fred
You guess was right. The hosting provider are blocking all ftp connections outside Denmark.
They have now opened up, and you should connect with no trouble :-)

Fred 25 Apr 2022, 11:13

Yes, now I have access.
Can I enable Alysum theme?

palle christensen 25 Apr 2022, 14:43

Hi Fred
You are free to do what ever it takes :-) I am thinking.... could it be "missing" webhook?

Fred 25 Apr 2022, 23:25

ok, but I'm not able to login to your back office

There is one error.
Medarbejderen findes ikke, eller adgangskoden er ikke rigtig.
palle christensen 25 Apr 2022, 23:36

Hi Fred
That can be fixed too :-)

Login: pallec@gmail.com
Pass: Alysumtest1+

(It now match profile data)

Fred 26 Apr 2022, 10:56

Ok, please check it out, it seem to work https://take.ms/0UwLu

The module just was not hooked into "header" hook.

palle christensen 26 Apr 2022, 21:33

Hi Fred
You are the greatest!!
It seems to work :-) Thank you so very much, and especially thank you for your patience.

Fred 27 Apr 2022, 10:39

No problem. You are welcome!