Ticket #23626 - Update Creative Elements - live PageBuilder [in-stock] from theme to offical 2.5.9 version?


I am working on a new version of our webshop and want build it with the Alysum theme. So far everything fine but we also have an official license for the WebshopWorks Creative Elements v.2.5.9 (latest version). Trying to update the version from within the template does not work but I am not sure what happens with the template version if I install the official module seperately?
Last week I had to restart the whole project and ie uninstalled the Alysum template (I had an installation of the official Creative Elements beside the template version). The Live Build version from the template however was stuck with the Prestashop Module section while the official version was uninstalled?!
I thought it better to ask first before installing our official addon again.
Thanks in advance for your answer!

Rambling Rose


Fred 02 Aug 2022, 01:36

Hi, Howard van der Burgt.
Yes, you can use Pro version of Creative Elements.
You need to uninstall and delete files of current "in-stock" version.
Then install Pro version. And if you need our widgets also install "Promokit Widgets" module

Howard van der Burgt 02 Aug 2022, 08:08

Thanks for your quick reply Fred! I understand that when I uninstall the "in-stock" version I will also loose the "Promokit Widgets" module part for the Creative Element widgets you provided with the Alysum template?
As those Widget modules came with the theme how can you install the Promokit Widgets module seperately for the official Creative Elements version if you loose them when uninstalling the in-stock version of CE?
If hope you don't mind me asking this follow-up question within this same ticket!

Kind regards,
Rambling Rose

Fred 03 Aug 2022, 23:10

No, you will not lose Promokit Widgets. It's independent addon that just extend Creative Elements and doesn't matter is it Pro version or "in-stock"

Howard van der Burgt 04 Aug 2022, 07:39

Cool, thanks for the clarificaction! I will make the change later today and continue working on the Alysum template with the full Creative Elements.
Thanks for this wonderful theme!

Rambling Rose

Fred 04 Aug 2022, 11:39

You are welcome