Ticket #23733 - Problem with quantity updates in product page


I am experiencing something really weird after being almost ready with creating a new webshop using the Alysum theme.
In short: I have installed the latest Prestashop and been working on implementing the Alysum theme quite some while now. Everything seemed to be well until I noticed last week that with products where we have multiple quantities using the quantity box and/or the up/down arrows a totally different product is loaded instead of the one at hand!! The display of the product description, price and everthing else is still the same but all images are changed to another product and also it’s internal values. If I start with a product having ie. 12 quantity and I change from 1 to 2, 3 or whatever the images will show another product and also the check on stock availability is for that other product. BUT, this only seems to happen on our Dutch side of the webshop. If I change language to English and go to the same initial product I can change the quantity without problem. At first I thought it was because of the few extra modules we use at product level but they have looked into it and don’t see any relation to their module.
They did some checking for me and say that there are non-visible products for the Recent items module loaded and they interfere somehow.
When I started I had the recent items activated within the theme settings. After a short while I changed from the default provided Creative Elements to the official one which I already bought/used for our live store.
For most pages I have created our own Creative Elements pages instead of using the default one provided by the theme. Somehow I have the feeling that there is old remnants from the default Creative Elements left inside the database and installing the official one has created a weird mix. I could be totally wrong of course:-) Anyhow, I can disable whatever I want from the theme, remove from the in Creative Elements created pages, the problem stays. I was about to go live with the new shop but I can not before this problem is solved/understood. Thanks in advance for your answer!

Kind regards,
Rambling Rose


Fred 07 Sep 2022, 18:18

Hi, Howard van der Burgt.
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server

Howard van der Burgt 08 Sep 2022, 08:57

Just updated the information needed for access! Thanks

Fred 08 Sep 2022, 21:00

Could you please test it out now? It seem to work correctly https://take.ms/wKsru

Howard van der Burgt 09 Sep 2022, 08:40

Hi Fred!

I was a bit worried when I looked at your picture as it was taken from the english part of our site and the problem seemed only related to the dutch part:-) Just checked on the dutch part of our webshop and...YES, works like it should it seems!! For testing I had put the product page hook back to default Prestashop but I have just changed it back to the Creative Elements page I made and it still was working as advertised.
A big thanks for your help and can you tell please where the problem comes from?! I need to understand because there is more changes to be made before we can move the site to our main domain!
Thanks very much!


Howard van der Burgt 09 Sep 2022, 11:06

To add: On the home page we have a grid with new items. Hovering the image normally shows the quick view button, the cart button and the favorite button. At the dutch language side of the shop the cart button is disappeared while on the english language side it is still available. I checked the Creative Elements settings for both language sides and they are the same..

Fred 09 Sep 2022, 21:47

1. I have updated this file /themes/alysum/assets/js/theme.js
2. it works correctly in both languages for me - https://take.ms/hTXr3

Howard van der Burgt 10 Sep 2022, 08:04


The problem is on the home page only, also the products appearing within the tabs a little lower are missing the add to cart icon. Your picture shows the category page where everything is okay. I am using the promokit Products module from within Creative Elements, maybe it is intended that way (within the Creative Elements screens the add to cart icon does show)?


Fred 10 Sep 2022, 10:56

The issue has been fixed. Please test to confirm the change

Howard van der Burgt 10 Sep 2022, 11:12

Yep, confirmed! All three icons appearing in the images on the home page also.
Many thanks for the quick resolving! Same file, theme.js, as previous I assume!?
Are these changes also within the next official update so I can safely reinstall, if needed, at a later point?


p.s. I don't see any changes in the theme.js when comparing with a backup?!

Fred 10 Sep 2022, 22:53

No, this time the problem was in /modules/pkelements/classes/WidgetPksearch.php

Howard van der Burgt 11 Sep 2022, 14:50

Okay, thanks!

Fred 12 Sep 2022, 00:04

You are welcome!