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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 08.09.22, 14:03
  • Opened by: Lisa Keeling

Ticket #23736 - Rev slider settings

Hi Fred, we are unable to add custom settings in the rev slider - the box is greyed and wont permit any changes. Save or cancel wont work - only using escape to exit the screen. Can you help why this is?



Fred 08 Sep 2022, 20:26

Hi, Lisa.
Open the file
find and remove the line 739:

.ui-widget-overlay {
Lisa Keeling 09 Sep 2022, 09:40

Thanks Fred - I have downloaded the /modules/pspagebuilder/views/css/admin/style.css file but there is no line 739 - it stops at line 700. So i've searched the text (z-index on its own has lots of results) so specifically * z-index:9999999!important; * this does not produce any results?
See image attached.


css style.jpg (599.9 KiB)
Fred 09 Sep 2022, 22:11

Hi, Lisa.
I assume you are using some external cloud cache service like cloudflare. Just disable it temporary to see the fix is working.

Lisa Keeling 10 Sep 2022, 09:33

Hi Fred, we do as you know - for some reason (only with the dev site) it causes us problems with caching. I dont understand what you mean though - what fix? Did you see my response regarding there being no line 739 to follow your instructions? Nothing else has been done..

Fred 10 Sep 2022, 10:17

Try to open that file in browser https://dev.londoncopyright.com/modules/pspagebuilder/views/css/admin/style.css

if you do search you will find the code that I asked to remove .ui-widget-overlay...
That means that code is not removed from the file OR it's removed, but we are seeing cached version.

Lisa Keeling 10 Sep 2022, 10:51

Hi Fred, I have switched off caching - but nothing changed. I have downloaded the style.css file again and searched * .ui-widget-overlay * this text is on line 641 (not sure of that matters or if its the correct text you are suggesting we remove). Attached file - are you suggested I remove everything inside the red box and that will solve the problem?
Is there ever a solution to the caching problem without removing cloudflare?


ui wiget.jpg (286.7 KiB)
Lisa Keeling 10 Sep 2022, 10:55

Also, I have checked the same file from our live site (where the above problem doesnt happen and on line 640 that text is there) so I am not sure about removing it for that reason..?

Fred 10 Sep 2022, 11:30

To fix the problem, you just need to remove that code

.ui-widget-overlay {