• Priority: Medium
  • Status: Waiting on customer
  • Theme: Venedor
  • Assigned To: Fred
  • Private: No
  • Open Date: 08.09.22, 17:34
  • Opened by: Jorge

Ticket #23737 - Add button in menu

Hello, when I try to add a new button to the main menu through the pk_flexmenu module I get the following error:
not connect
Check Network.

Could you check it for me, please?



Fred 08 Sep 2022, 20:16

Hi, Jorge.
Please update credentials in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server
P.S. Thanks you for your rating

Jorge 09 Sep 2022, 08:57

Hello, you already have updated the access data

Fred 09 Sep 2022, 22:27

Sorry for the delay.
Please disable opcache in your server configuration for a while. As I can see it Up and Running https://world-bearing.com/info.php

Jorge 10 Sep 2022, 17:54

Hi, I have already disabled opcache in my server...

Jorge 12 Sep 2022, 22:13

Hello, have you been able to check the error?

Fred 12 Sep 2022, 22:30

Don’t worry, I working on that, but the problem is not easy. We spent much time on that, hope to find a solution soon

Fred 13 Sep 2022, 23:31

Very strange problem you have.
First of all you have to fix files and folders permissions as prestashop require

Folders: CHMOD 755
Files: 644

The second thing I have to say is that I assume your website was hacked. I see a lot of "strange" files among "standard" prestashop ones. You need some specialist who could check that out for sure.
And the last question is about platform version, don't you think to update your store to the latest prestashop version?

Jorge 14 Sep 2022, 19:34

Obviously I know that the problem is rare, but when I asked you by email you told me that I had to extend the web maintenance for 6 months, which I have already done, in order to solve it. If now you tell me that I have to hire an expert in prestashop, I ask you to return the amount charged to me, so that I can dedicate it to him. On the other hand, you do not tell me which folders and/or files I have to give the permissions that you indicate. And finally, if I update the prestashop, they also charge me €300 to do it, and since it has worked well so far...

Fred 14 Sep 2022, 21:12

Maybe I was not clear, so I'll try to re-phrase my message.
We are ready to help with the theme problem, but we are not able to resolve problems that are not related to the theme such as wrong permissions, etc...
If you want we can refund you money.

Jorge 15 Sep 2022, 07:12

Thank you for your reply. Logically, I also prefer that the problem be resolved before you have to return the money. I have already modified the permissions that you indicated...

Fred 15 Sep 2022, 19:26

One more day with no solution, the issue is not typical and too complicated.
Please request refund on themeforest, because we are not able to find a solution yet

Jorge 17 Sep 2022, 15:57

Thank you very much for your effort... I hope you have a solution

Fred 17 Sep 2022, 23:17

Spent another day with no solution...

Jorge 18 Sep 2022, 16:31

And if we update the version and prestashop?

Fred 18 Sep 2022, 23:04

There is no that module in the latest theme version. it's too outdated. Currently we are using another menu module so the problem will be solved automatically.
But I would recommend you to install new Prestashop version from scratch to have clean shop, because as I wrote you there are a lot of "strange" files in your server which are not "native" for prestashop.

Jorge 19 Sep 2022, 08:18

The problem is that the product catalog, customers and orders are very large and it won't let me import it to a new...

Fred 19 Sep 2022, 17:56

Could you please take a screenshot of the issue?

Jorge 19 Sep 2022, 18:42

Of course


error-wb.jpg (301 KiB)
Fred 19 Sep 2022, 18:58

Yes, that's what we are trying to fix over one week with no success. That's why I offered a refund for you.