Ticket #23741 - AMP and google search console

Hi, Google search tells me that in the AMP version the following script is not valid:

<script src=”https://suizon.es/themes/alysum/assets/cache/bottom-ca9c5e95.js” ></script>



It also tells me that the following css makes problems?


<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”https://suizon.es/themes/alysum/assets/cache/theme-3b929296.css” media=”all”>

I did not add this script. Can you help me?


Fred 10 Sep 2022, 11:24

Did you modified AMP module source code? Because there is no such issue in AMP by default. You can see that even in our demo page
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José Antonio Huerta Jiménez 10 Sep 2022, 11:52

Hello, no I have not modified anything. I have already changed the ftp access data

Fred 10 Sep 2022, 22:44

I have found out that Creative Elements doing that. So I just disable it for mobile - https://take.ms/02lTH

José Antonio Huerta Jiménez 10 Sep 2022, 23:41

Thanks Fred

Fred 11 Sep 2022, 11:30

You are welcome!