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  • Assigned To: Fred
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  • Open Date: 13.09.22, 11:32
  • Opened by: Enzo Lahargue

Ticket #23750 - AMP Module - Create a custom dropdown menu


I meet some trouble about developping a website with the AMP module given in bundle with your theme.
I am looking to create custom dropdown menu, but I don’t know if it is possible to do it, and how then.
Screenshot below :

Basically for now I can use dropdown menu with my categories that I already built (:on the right part of the screen), but can’t get how I can build it by myself.

Best regards,
Enzo Lahargue


Fred 13 Sep 2022, 18:01

Hi, Enzo.
AMP is just an option for mobile devices developed by our team using AMP library provided by Google https://amp.dev/.
AMP can be disabled with no problems in your back office.
But if you want to use AMP and customize it here are some tips:
1. all AMP template files available in here /themes/alysum/templates/mobile
2. all module code available here: /modules/pkamp
3. if you want to change menu you can find it in these files:
- /modules/pkamp/classes/Amp.php
- /themes/alysum/templates/mobile/modules/ps_mainmenu/ps_mainmenu.tpl
Also read official documentation to keep AMP compatibility

Enzo Lahargue 19 Sep 2022, 09:25

Thanks for you help, I finally managed to resolve my problem.

Fred 19 Sep 2022, 09:52

You are welcome!