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  • Open Date: 13.09.22, 16:22
  • Opened by: Eric Notarianni
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Ticket #23751 - problem amp with forms

hello Fred

i have a problem with forms in amp

exemple on this url
https://boutique.idms.fr/cameras-ip-dome-dahua/370-ipc-hdbw3441r-zs.html you have question sur ce produit at the right side of pieces jointes

this call a form action and google don’like in amp
console message

Un attribut ou une valeur d’attribut non autorisés sont présents dans une balise HTML.
Les pages AMP présentant ce problème ne sont pas valides. Les pages non valides ne sont pas diffusées sur Google

L’attribut “action” ne peut pas apparaître dans la balise “form”.

<form action=”https://boutique.idms.fr/module/ets_contactform7/submit” method=”post” enctype=”multipart/form-data” autocomplete=”false” novalidate=”novalidate”>

how to call this form to be good in normal page and amp page please


Fred 13 Sep 2022, 17:51

Hi, Eric.
As I can see you are using third-party module to make a form. Any third party modules is not compatible with AMP by default. We have “AMPified” all prestashop pages and our own modules for the theme. And every new module must be “AMPified” as well.

Eric Notarianni 14 Sep 2022, 00:08

ok Fred i understand but do you know a solution that i do the same thing with your modules? for a customer can ask a question on a product on the webpage of the product ?

Fred 14 Sep 2022, 21:09

The solution is easy, “Ampify” your module. To do that you have to develop back-end and front end parts.
As and example you can take a look how “blockreassurance” module is implemented in AMP product page.
1. Open the file /modules/pkamp/controllers/front/product.php and search “blockreassurance” there
2. Open the file /themes/alysum/templates/mobile/catalog/product.tpl and find there “block-reassurance”

Eric Notarianni 15 Sep 2022, 12:06

SORRY Fred it is easy for you but difficult for me, i am not sure to do that, can you do it for me please, here is the 2 files

Fred 15 Sep 2022, 17:14

I have described that for you because that is not covering by our support. We would gladly help you to implement that but unfortunately, we don’t have free time

Eric Notarianni 16 Sep 2022, 16:41

hello Fred if you know somebody to do this service, please contact me, i can pay for that, thanks

Fred 16 Sep 2022, 17:17

Currently I have no one to suggest you, but if I find someone I’ll let you know

Eric Notarianni 18 Sep 2022, 17:51

Thanks Fred , when you have someone send me a message, please

Fred 18 Sep 2022, 22:58

Yes, I’ll ask my colleague and let you know

Fred 20 Sep 2022, 23:41

Unfortunately my colleague is busy in another project

Eric Notarianni 21 Sep 2022, 12:25

when he can please let me know

Fred 21 Sep 2022, 17:28

Yes, of course