Ticket #23759 - Problem with quantity updates also in quick view pages

Hello Fred,

I thought it better to open a new ticket instead of writing this into the previous ticket, Ticket #23733, I opened last week. The problem seems almost similar but now it is occuring within the quick views..
Take a random product from our development site and choose the quick view button. It will open and you can add products until there is no more stock. The first time you will see a normal warning that stock is exhausted. Okay, take another product and open the quick view for that one. You can now add as many products as you like, the stock seems no longer checked. You can try some more products and see that in every quick view it has similar behaviour. Once you have done some 1 product items you will notice that also the product image gets mixed like happened on the product page.
This link https://1drv.ms/v/s!Am479oPQ1Q0pgoEo0YPpJgXaeKIo8g?e=Byn52A will show a little movie I made to show the problem. I hope that is clear enough and my description understandable.



Fred 15 Sep 2022, 19:21

Hi, Howard van der Burgt.
As I can see you have switched to Classic theme, and that's what we actually need. I just checked and see the same problem there https://take.ms/LgwU6

That means that's Prestashop issue, but not our theme.
We are waiting for the major Prestashop update soon. Upcoming version is 8.0, so I hope the issue will be fixed there.

Howard van der Burgt 15 Sep 2022, 19:43

Hi Fred,

You checked on our live site? I tried there and everything works fine. We don't have a quick view implemented there and every product I checked just gave the correct warning when going out of stock. In the live shop we use the classic theme but our new shop will use the promokit Alysum theme that's the one with the quick view problem.

I could reproduce your picture one time but after that everything was working normal again whether I switched to dutch language or english language, strange thing...

Fred 15 Sep 2022, 20:01

Yes, I checked it here https://www.ramblingrose.nl/en/

The "Quick view" button is hidden there, but if you unhide it you can make a test and as you can see here https://take.ms/LgwU6 the problem is persist

Howard van der Burgt 16 Sep 2022, 11:42

Lucky that I didn't use it there then:-) Might not be used very often in the new shop and luckily the shopping cart prevents ordering wrong quantities but it's nicer if it works as expected...
Any idea when they will have the 8.0 available? Will it break the Alysum theme or are you already ahead of the new release?
I would have rather started our new webshop with the latest release but this weekend I will make the move anyway...
Really like your Alysum theme! First one which doesn't give me a headache and gives a clear and understandable maintenance part (the amp part is a real bonus in all it's simpleness). I spend a fair amount on buying themes for our old shop but in the end I had to ditch them all (not working, half working, very difficult to setup/maintain) and the Prestashop default was okay to start with.
Thanks and looking forward to new updates:-)

Grtz. Howard

Fred 16 Sep 2022, 17:47

They promise to release "Release Candidate" version in the end of September, so I assume the final release will be later this fall.
We are currently working on theme's update, see our changelog here https://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/alysum-changelog.html

If you want to start soon, we can hide "quick view" button as temporary solution

Thanks, really pleasure to read such feedback.

Howard van der Burgt 16 Sep 2022, 19:00

No, it's fine, it looks nice and visitors might use it more for creating favorites as buying from it. With our products the big images are most important and so they will go to the full product page anyway. It would be nice though if your theme had a link/small button on that quick view page to go to the product page immediately...I am not begging, just an idea :-):-)

Thanks for the info and have a good weekend!

Fred 16 Sep 2022, 19:37

Ok, thank you for the suggestion