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FS#9829 - A lot of problem with the mask


We’ve got a lot of problems with the mask.
I write it in points.

1. Facebook in footer:
There is “%s people like BrightBoho” - it should be specific quantity of people who likes us.
Attach: “facebook, footer” It should be more friendly interface. Where we can change the code of facebook?

2. Footer
The facebook should be on the right side. Once its on the right side, later - like in the attach “facebook, footer”.
We want facebook on the right side - over time.

3. Menu (categories on top)
When the name of some category is too long, the slide is next to the last word in the second line. It should be under the categories all the time.
The mobiles and tablets version - is the same situation.
Attach: menu

4. Page is loading so long...

5. Product side:
Under the decription of product, next to related products is white area. Are there any ideas for management of this? Meaby some modules? Without longer description :))

6. Product side:
Where can we add an additional cards of decription product? Like films.

There are categories, but products arent arranged like we want (weve got our settings in products). We dont want to do this alone. We want this from the our settings from products.

8. pk_bannercarousel
On RWD we can see only 2 banners. We have got 4. It doesnt change like on carusel on mobile.
When i drop the coursor on the banners, after some time, i see only white boxes. After few seconds - banners back.

9. Module: FooterLinks
I can only add 4 links. When i want to add the 5th, it change for one of this 4.
Where i can add another block of links? Could i add jpg in footer?

10. Menu for customer on mobile and tablets
Attach: menu on mobile
When the name of some menu for customer is too long, than its like in attach.
In our opinion it should be in center all the time.

Im waiting for response.

   facebook, footer.png (75.4 KiB)
   menu.png (646.7 KiB)
   menu on mobile.png (163.8 KiB)

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Alex Support (Admin)
Tuesday, 09 August 2016, 15:12 GMT+2
Support Team

1) Copy this file https://www.dropbox.com/s/iyjssp2oxii3lkf/pk_blockfacebooklike.tpl?dl=0 into your site \modules\pk_blockfacebooklike\ it should solve the issue.

2) You can change Facebook module position on BO > Modules > Positions > displayFooter

3) You can change the menu font size as you like. Here's useful information how to change menu font sizws for responsive screens http://docs.promokit.eu/doku.php/alysum:flexmenu#change_menu_items_color_font_size_space_between_the_items

4) Here's some tips how to improve your Prestashop performance for better load speed http://docs.promokit.eu/doku.php/prestashophelp:performance?s[]=speed

5) Alysum theme doesn't have any particular modules to use in this area. Instead it can be used for product attributes choosing, like Size or Color

6) Do you speak of the Video tab for the product page? http://prntscr.com/c3hghb
You can add more tabs in Catalog > Products. Choose the product you need, press Edit and fill the tabs http://docs.promokit.eu/doku.php/prestashophelp:productpage?s[]=tabs

7) Didn't understand what exactly do you need. You can set products for the Isotope module manually in BO > Modules > Isotope module > Configure
8 ) Change the number of visible banners in module configuration http://prntscr.com/c3hixt

9) I will check and answer later

10) See point 3

Andy (Aquro)
Tuesday, 09 August 2016, 22:06 GMT+2

1) Copy this file and still no likes numbers.

2) It's Set behind "my account" and by refresh the page module continue jumps.

3) Almost on success - font-family: "Roboto"; does not work.

4) OK

5) Thanks for the information.

6) Thanks for the information.

7) Try answered by what's going on
We need to manage products in the categories of tabs.
In sequence Prestashop Products for category (In Prestashop always - set when we select a filter for this category on the list of products). Of the product they are shown in the sequence as we set suggested .

Can you set this so that the module read the sequence of the settings for the selected category. Without it, we have a mess with the presentation of products.
And where We can turn off the "All" tab.

8 ) Done

9) We are waiting for the answer.

10) See point 3

Marek (marek)
Wednesday, 10 August 2016, 11:13 GMT+2
Support Team

Hi Andy.
You have only 4 links enabled for your shop. I just enabled them for all shops and all looks fine now

Andy (Aquro)
Wednesday, 10 August 2016, 12:09 GMT+2

Hi Marek, check now it's something error on home page

Marek (marek)
Wednesday, 10 August 2016, 12:13 GMT+2
Support Team

Sorry, my fault. Now it should be ok

Alex Support (Admin)
Wednesday, 10 August 2016, 13:21 GMT+2
Support Team

1) You've set wrong Facebook App Token. It should be longer.
2) Changed without any problem.
3) For 5 euro I can help you to change it http://promokit.eu/themes/custom-package/
7) Unfortunately there is no easy solution to turn off the ALL tab and make the products order customizable. Try to find some 3rd party module to suit your needs.