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  • Open Date: 11.04.17, 14:35
  • Opened by: Pierre GUERIN
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Ticket #10365 - Very slow speed of loading


We have a new onepage checkout module (super checkout by Knowband). We have an issue with it, the page is very long to load, the module developers had already optimise the code of the module, but the page still take 10s to display as you can see https://www.noova.co/fr/module/supercheckout/supercheckout (It’s slow only when there is a product in cart). They tell us it comes from the theme.
Here is their message:
Our module us really fast, its your theme which causes the issue. We have also seen the home page speed of your store. It is around 20 sec. If you will test our module page speed and will see what are the things that take time then you will see that all the widgets and the images on your store takes the time not our module code and requests. This is the reason that other customers have never reported this issue regarding the module. You have already seen our modules demo and that really fast you have already agreed to that. We are sharing you the image for the speed of your home page. We kindly request you to please have a look at it. http://nimb.ws/VaLzZP (IMAGE URL)

(Prestashop caches are activated on our site, and we have a cache module (page cache) so there is no reason for being soooo slow)

It’s very annoying for our store..

Can you do anything about that?

Thanks for your help,


Marek 11 Apr 2017, 16:20

I see the issue. I need access to your back office

Pierre GUERIN 11 Apr 2017, 16:29

I just sent you an email at support@promokit.eu with all informations as we have many environments it’s easier.

Thanks for your help.

Marek 11 Apr 2017, 16:44

as for me, you have very slow server.
Look at this screenshot. There you can see the time of waiting for only one image is more than 1 second

Another way to make sure who is the reason of such slow work is switch to default prestashop theme

Pierre GUERIN 12 Apr 2017, 11:38

Thanks for your help :)