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  • Open Date: 11.12.17, 12:36
  • Opened by: caroline
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Ticket #11254 - No access to the BO (since FS#11247 ??)


Since yesterday I can’t have access to my BO
Other person also failed to access to BO

The message says there is multiple errors missing email and missing password (I can assure you that I type both)
It’s the same thing with all navigators I have (all of it).

Please what is wrong ????

ps: in  FS#11247  you told me to secure password but have not explain what to do ?


Marek 11 Dec 2017, 13:40

I’ll check that, wait a moment

Marek 11 Dec 2017, 13:47

try to restore your password http://awesomescreenshot.com/0226er8m71

caroline 11 Dec 2017, 14:15

I try already!

Its not working

I Will let you the last password i retrieve on your interface

Marek 11 Dec 2017, 14:17

What does that means “Its not working”, didn’t you get an email with reset link?

caroline 11 Dec 2017, 14:19

Yes I got an email on spam
I let you the password by editing my profile you can check

But even with this new password I have the same error message

It’s the same with all the account I have

Marek 11 Dec 2017, 14:20

Ok, I can restore your password in a hard way. I need access to your database through phpMyAdmin

Marek 11 Dec 2017, 14:22

I just fixed that in another way