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  • Theme: Alysum
  • Assigned To: Marek
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  • Open Date: 06.02.18, 15:20
  • Opened by: Rizak
  • Closed by: Marek
  • Closed on: 09.02.18, 19:19
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  • Comment: Glad to help!

Ticket #11596 - Change layout product page

Hi Marek,

I would like to know how to edit the layout of the product page.

I would like to move “summary” part product under the product image.
Please see attached files.

What part of the code do i need to edit? Where is it?
Thank you for your response



Marek 07 Feb 2018, 10:20

Hi, Rizak.
Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your server through FTP

Rizak 07 Feb 2018, 10:45

Hi Marek,

Informations filled.
Waiting for next.

Marek 07 Feb 2018, 11:10


Rizak 07 Feb 2018, 13:25

Thank you Marek, perfect.

I have few more requests, i hope you could help.

First one, i would like to change font size in some parts of the product page, see attached file please.
I try to find where to in the css theme file, but it’s a huge thing …
Would you tell me which line i need to edit?

Second one, i would like to delete spacing/padding on the product page, see attached file please.

Finaly, i have a question, this is my test site and i plan to re-install the whole thing : server, database, prestashop, alysum theme, etc…

How could i get changes for the final installation?
Copy the css file to the new directory/installation?

Thank you for your responses

Marek 07 Feb 2018, 14:00

Go to Theme Settings module → Custom CSS/JS tab and write your code there. You can find that code in the file /modules/pk_themesettings/assets/css/dynamic/customercss1.css so you can move it to your new server

Rizak 08 Feb 2018, 00:21

Thanks Marek, it works perfect.
Nice work by the way.

… However I still get alignement issue. Would you help please?

Marek 08 Feb 2018, 11:09

It has been designed in such way. But if you want, I can change it for you
Use following CSS:

#pattern .page-width {padding:0}
.product-page-col > .col-md-6:last-child {padding-top:0}
Rizak 09 Feb 2018, 13:04

Hi Marek,

Yes please.

But same question, how to get this for the final installation?
Thank you

Marek 09 Feb 2018, 17:11

Just save that css code in your custom css section in the Theme Settings module

Rizak 09 Feb 2018, 17:56

I’m sorry Marek, but i don’t understand

Did you change layout for issue alignment?

When changed, do i just need to save “customercss1.css” in Custom CSS/JS tab? Right?

Marek 09 Feb 2018, 17:57

I didn’t change that in our demo and for the next theme version. Just keep that code to get it fixed for you

Marek 09 Feb 2018, 17:57

Yes, right, save “customercss1.css”

Rizak 09 Feb 2018, 18:01

Ok got it for “customercss1.css”

But the code doesn’t seem to work, i paste it in Custom CSS/JS tab (right place?) and nothing different

Marek 09 Feb 2018, 18:02

Try to clear your browser or prestashop cache

Rizak 09 Feb 2018, 18:18

Perfect, works.
Prestashop cache needed to be cleared.

Thanks for support Marek, kind and pro.

Marek 09 Feb 2018, 19:18

No problem :)