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Ticket #11625 - One question about the URLs / Migration

Just one question. We are getting close to the reopening (pop: bottle of champagne:) BUT
What about the links and URL ?
To explain you, for exemple, I have the SHOP BY CATEGORY. I hesitate to add links to each category because I don’t know if it’s better to add the real URL (elladabijoux.com) which I will migrate at the end of new website custom or else (maybe I can make a relative URL ? don’t know how)… Have you understood my question ? (I don’t know if I am clear lol)

When the site 1.7 is ready I ask migration of URL from old to new hoster.
On the new hoster I have a temporary URL which will change with my real URL once I migrate…

1) What do I need to check. Before URL mig and after URL mig in your opinion ?


Marek 09 Feb 2018, 11:44

I’m not sure you have to do something with URLs. All must work automatically.

caroline 09 Feb 2018, 14:43

OK when I’ve configured on BO I enter the full URL like http://elladabizv.cluster026.hosting.ovh.net/fr/16-colliers OR the real URL would be like : elladabijoux.com/16-colliers
SO when I will migrate I guess I will have to check and test URLs and maybe replace with the good one…

Marek 10 Feb 2018, 11:49

yes, right

caroline 10 Feb 2018, 14:13

Nothing you can think of ? If no you can close ;)

Marek 10 Feb 2018, 14:15

your real URL will be elladabijoux.com/16-colliers you you will configure it