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Ticket #11663 - OPENING OF NEW WEBSITE -> New migration of command, customers tables

Hello Alex,

The website is almost good to be reopen with the new hoster !!!
Left to do :
- Finalize the BLOG (you)
- Add Paiement and transport modules (Me)
- Complete enduser testing (Me)

a)Is there other configuration I MUST look at before opening ?
I am afraid because we do this migration project due to security issues I really wish this is over this year will be free of this ^^

b)As I request you, I add one new order and other customers. Can you migrate again this ?
ONLY the base for customers, adresses and order.
DO NOT migrate THE PRODUCTS (we did a lot of work on the new website)
Do I need to save the database (or you?)

I will ask the migration of URL from my old hoster to new hoster.
They have around days delay. Can you please do the migration during this period (ie before saturday 17 last delay)?


caroline 13 Feb 2018, 14:22

b) I had one new order (not “add”) sorry mispelled

caroline 13 Feb 2018, 18:19

Hello ALEX :) :) :) :)
I had OVH my new hoster to check the steps of migration.
As we spoke before, we need to change DNS config on the old hoster (1&1) with the new hoster (ovh).. You told me you could help me with this and I am afraid to mess this up so I accept your help :)
Then on the new prestashop we need to change URL of the shop. And the migration will be technically effective with no delay (only some hours for replication)…
I really hope we can do this operation tomorrow (around 7pm) or max thursday 15th) I hope you are available ^^
The only thing that block the migration is only the migration of data commands and clients… The other modif (blog, aboutus…) can be done after no problem (and it’s allmost done).

Thank you again for your help !!

caroline 13 Feb 2018, 19:10

Sorry marek, I think I made this in customization. Could you transfert to Alex. It’s very important.
Thank you :)