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Ticket #11665 - PK_product - FEATURED PRODUCTS Display

Hello Marek,

Remember we spoke lately about the products that show in PK_PRODUCTS.
You told me for ‘Featured’ products are the products that are in the ‘home’ category.
So I check all my products to remove the product I don’t want from the home category and add only the products I want in the home category.
see list below.
For exemple there is not the product ‘kipissa’ My website: http://elladabizv.cluster026.hosting.ovh.net/fr/ See config BO of pk_products
I need your help understand this ^^


caroline 13 Feb 2018, 15:06

I add that I add all the product I want to be shown in by default cateogry=accueil

caroline 13 Feb 2018, 15:08

by default or principle (I don’t know how it’s translated)

caroline 13 Feb 2018, 15:12

sorry sorry it’s seems ok
the issue here that I choose more than 15 products that’s why the new one are not diplayed LOL.
I am sorry :)