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Ticket #12987 - ps_viewedproduct

Hi Marek,

Ho can i display in-line procuts at the bottom product page?
Please see file joined.

Thank you


Marek 01 Oct 2018, 09:39

Hi, Rizak.
Try this:
.featured-products .products {display:flex}

Rizak 01 Oct 2018, 13:29

Hi Marek,

It doesn’t work
Any other solution?

Marek 01 Oct 2018, 16:33

Maybe this:

body .featured-products .products {display:flex}
Rizak 01 Oct 2018, 17:24

Hi Marek,

Perfect, works.

Is there a way to set few details like : max height of pictures and margin between pictures?
Please see attached file

I tryed few thing without success…

Marek 02 Oct 2018, 13:29
body .featured-products .products > article {margin-left:20px}
body .featured-products .products .product-thumbnail > a {max-height:200px;overflow:hidden}
Rizak 02 Oct 2018, 18:20

Hi Marek,

Thank you, margin works.
Max height show a part of a vertical picture in a rectangular frame. Not exactly what i wanted but i keep, it’s fine too.
Thank you!


Marek 03 Oct 2018, 10:07

You can change the max-height to get what you want

Rizak 03 Oct 2018, 18:07

Yes i did, i set it to 800px.
It s a bit big but all pictures are well shown as it : square, horizontal and vertical ones.

Thank you for help.

I have a last question about layout and especialy font family.
I have differents fonts on modules for bottom product page. Try for example, after a little navigation : https://30exemplaires.fr/accueil/100ann-m.html , and see attached file please.

How can i set the second module title “Photo consultĂ©es” similar to the first one?

Marek 04 Oct 2018, 12:05