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  • Open Date: 02.10.21, 16:02
  • Opened by: Zuzana
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Ticket #22364 - Elementor Header is missing on FO after edit

Hi Fred,
I edited Lingerie Header via Saved Templates and I saved it as a new template.
I set up this header in Alysum Settings as Header Template.
I edited it some more, than edited menu items… everything worked fine until today. I have been trying to change the logo. I have .png image on ftp it looked fine but when I have checked with Chrome incognito mode it was not with transparent background. So I change it to the correct png image but at this point, the header is not loading. Even when I delete the logo, nothing changes. My home page is without a header.
When I change it to Lingerie header (template) it is OK, but my edited template is not loading. Why?


Fred 02 Oct 2021, 22:55

Hi, Zuzana
Seems the header template name was wrong, I just renamed it from “hlavica sk” to “hlavicask”

Zuzana 05 Oct 2021, 10:26

Hi Fred, thank you, I will avoid using space in names.
Could you please help me with the sticky header? I have read some tickets where you suggest to copy/paste Sticky Header Class from Alysum settings (header-sticky). But how can I make the background of the header sticky? It seems I can edit only elements of the header (logo, menu, account options…) but what about the background?

Fred 06 Oct 2021, 09:44

With the background is nothing complicated. Just assign background color to a block where you added the class https://take.ms/HQQNO

Zuzana 27 Oct 2021, 10:53

Hi Fred, I am trying it but I am doing something wrong probably. I have changed it as you suggested to the sections but when I scroll down everything just crams together on the top.

Zuzana 27 Oct 2021, 11:16

see - the logo and account info comes through menu… also, the top section with text has the background color of light brown beige, this section has css with the sticky header but when I scroll down the background is transparent


header sticky.jpg (104.7 KiB)
Fred 27 Oct 2021, 14:45

Hi, Zuzana
1. You can’t use “header-sticky” class for two sections, use it for one only
2. Here is how to add a background https://take.ms/alqhW

Zuzana 27 Oct 2021, 15:04

My header consists of top text + logo and account info + menu (4 sections?). You wrote I can use “header-sticky” class only for one section. Is it possible to have the whole header sticky? If yes, which section should I choose?

Fred 27 Oct 2021, 15:33

you have to rebuild your header layout to place all into one section which will be “sticky”