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Ticket #22384 - WCAG accessibility requirements

Greetings. We have purchased the Alysum - Premium Prestashop AMP Theme and we are having problems on two points:
- The headers are not properly headed and we can’t modify them. Specifically, we want to modify the h4, since right now there is h1, h2, h3 and h4, without h2 and h3 having content.
- The forms are incorrect, as they do not have “label for” or “title” tags. We do not know how to modify it with code.


Fred 06 Oct 2021, 17:33

Hi, Naranco Tecnologica.
Please give us more information where exactly missed WCAG attributes

Naranco Tecnologica 06 Oct 2021, 18:06

Perhaps we have not assigned the ticket title correctly. The problems we need to solve are the two listed above:

- The nesting of headings. We need it to go from H1 to H2, not directly to H4, as the default template does, even though H2 and H3 are empty. We need to modify it in the front page, categories, articles and the rest of the web pages. It is the most URGENT.

- The forms are incorrect, as they do not have “label for” or “title” tags. We do not know how to modify it with code.


WhatsApp Image 2021-10-06 at ... (76.8 KiB)
Fred 07 Oct 2021, 09:43

1. Please give me a link to a page which I can test out to see the issue
2. Also need a link to see that form

Fred 07 Oct 2021, 09:43

Please also fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your Back-office and FTP Server

Naranco Tecnologica 07 Oct 2021, 11:05

We provide you with the data you request from us via the profile form.

Fred 07 Oct 2021, 11:46

Ye, I see. We will check that out and provide a solution soon

Fred 08 Oct 2021, 10:45

The issue with headers should be fixed.
As for the form, I can’t find where is the issue

Naranco Tecnologica 08 Oct 2021, 11:34

Thank you very much. On the other hand, we have a problem with duplicate ID and duplicate attribute, which also gives us an error in the
W3C validator and we can’t find how to fix it, could you help us with this?

Naranco Tecnologica 08 Oct 2021, 12:36

Hello again, could you please tell us where is the option to add the alternative texts (alt) in the images of the website that are in the banners and sliders of the page? Thanks

Naranco Tecnologica 08 Oct 2021, 12:45

As for the headers, H2 and H3 are still empty, which was our initial problem. Attached is a screenshot.


Document Outline from https__... (95.4 KiB)
Fred 10 Oct 2021, 10:46

What service do you use to make that test?

Fred 11 Oct 2021, 12:13

I have updated following files


where H6 tag replaced with SPAN and H3 changed to H2

Naranco Tecnologica 11 Oct 2021, 17:36

Hello, while analysing the H error with this tool https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/web-developer/bfbameneiokkgbdmiekhjnmfkcnldhhm?hl=es, the same error continues to appear. In fact, nothing has changed with respect to the screenshot we attached last day (we attach again the screenshot with the current status).H with “missing heading” should not appear.


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Fred 12 Oct 2021, 14:41

1. You have valid rich snippets as I can see here https://take.ms/dvrpw. There are some unnecessary things are missed like a brand name or EAN18 number, but seems you just need to add missed information in the product options
2. Every H4 tag is changed to H2 as requested https://take.ms/WlXaS

Naranco Tecnologica 13 Oct 2021, 11:30

Good morning. We have checked the website again, and the result is identical to the one that existed when we first wrote this ticket. In fact, the best ones you had made last week have disappeared. Please find attached in three documents the initial state, the state after your first intervention and the current state. Is there any way to fix it?

Thank you


Document Outline from https__... (89.1 KiB)
Document Outline from https__... (104.6 KiB)
Document Outline from https__... (125.6 KiB)
Fred 13 Oct 2021, 23:09

I don’t understand how that’s possible,
Right now in the source code of page you can see H2 tags, here is the screenshot https://take.ms/XjKgW Maybe that’s some cache, I have no idea

Naranco Tecnologica 14 Oct 2021, 11:04

Good morning. We’ve managed to fix it, no need to do anything else. Thank you for everything

Fred 14 Oct 2021, 11:04

Great! You are welcome!