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Ticket #22530 - Translation


I’m using your theme on my multistore : Jouplast.com

My blog isn’t well translate : as you can see in my shot, my German version display some French translation (”Octobre” in French means “October” in English and it should display “October” in German”)
So months are not translated, “read more button”, …

This is my French blog : https://www.jouplast.com/content/7-nos-conseils My German blog : https://www.jouplast.com/de/content/7-unsere-tipps my English blog : https://www.jouplast.com/en/content/8-NEWS

Please have a look and let me know how to do to translate dates.



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Fred 29 Oct 2021, 10:47

Hi, Sylvain Duval.
The blog widget shows the date as variable, that’s why there is no translation option. The month name is depends on user locale.
It looks like this


We can change the date format to numbers only, if you want

Sylvain Duval 29 Oct 2021, 14:15

So what can you see from your country ?
Is it written is French or in another language ?

Fred 30 Oct 2021, 10:16

I see French translation, but all what I want to say that there is no translatable wording, but only some system variable.
Can’t we change the date format to numbers?

Sylvain Duval 04 Nov 2021, 12:42

Showing the month’s number will not be understandable on the blog page : it will be written for example “08 10” –> is it the 10th of auguste or the 8th of October…

I really don’t understand why it is not translatable. Why is it written in French on my website and in English on your demo ?

Fred 05 Nov 2021, 10:36

I just added months as translatable words like this

{assign var="month" value={l s='January' d='Modules.Pspagebuilder.Shop'}}
{assign var="month" value={l s='February' d='Modules.Pspagebuilder.Shop'}}

Now it should be available in the Page builder module translation
Updated file is

Sylvain Duval 18 Nov 2021, 14:19

Since you’ve changed that, all my articles are dated on January. I guess this is a code issue.
Could you have a look at it please ?
Moreover, I can find the way to translate month on Page builder module translation.

Fred 18 Nov 2021, 20:41

I’m sorry, my bad
Now it’s fixed