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Ticket #22535 - Cannot insert social sharing links


inside my site parafarmaciaburelli.it, which credentials you can find in my profile, in Theme Settings → Social sharing I can only define which icons to display for example inside product pages.

But I cannot find any place to insert the links related to any of the svg social icons.

Can you please tell me where to set that links?



Fred 31 Oct 2021, 11:06

Social links are generated automatically, you can’t change them

Rosita Paparelli 02 Nov 2021, 09:21

Yes but how can I make them point to my social pages?

Fred 02 Nov 2021, 10:57

There are two types of social icons.
1. Product page sharing icons allows your customers to share a product to their social accounts
2. Footer social icons allows you to define your own links to let customers see your accounts

Rosita Paparelli 02 Nov 2021, 16:15

Ok, the problem is the following: when I click on social icons on product page nothing happens. Is this normal?

Fred 02 Nov 2021, 21:52

Please update credentials in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your FTP Server

Rosita Paparelli 03 Nov 2021, 09:14

The credentials are already there.

Fred 03 Nov 2021, 09:46

Yes, but I’m not able to connect, see the screenshot https://take.ms/mM0U9

Rosita Paparelli 03 Nov 2021, 10:27

As always you have used the wrong ip.
The correct one is please note the difference between 88 and 80.

Fred 03 Nov 2021, 10:40

Yes, right, now I have access
The issue has been fixed
Update file is

Rosita Paparelli 03 Nov 2021, 11:14

Whatsapp icon works fine on mobile device, but when I click on the Whatsapp icon on a desktop device, having whatsapp web opened on another tab of the browser, nothing happpens.

Fred 03 Nov 2021, 11:15

because you seem don’t have installed WhatsApp on your computer

Rosita Paparelli 03 Nov 2021, 11:52

Ok, thanks.
Best regards.

Fred 03 Nov 2021, 11:53

You are welcome!