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  • Theme: Alysum
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  • Open Date: 04.11.21, 10:31
  • Opened by: Zuzana
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Ticket #22554 - There are no translation files available

Hi Fred,
1. I want to translate Isotope module (featured, special, new, bestsellers). I am using Creative Elements - Complex - for the home page. I translated the module Isotope product filter. Then I have tried to translate Theme - Alysum - my language - but for example I can see Modules - Bestsellers - Shop - and both items are already translated. There is no Isotope module. Where can I translate it?

2. under Shop - Theme - there are some items in red color and when I click on them it says There are no translation files available. For example Customeraccount.sk-s-k. Where should I copy it?

3. When I translate some items and save it, there is green notice it has been saved but when I go back it is not. Not all items does this, some translations “stick” but some keeps vanishing. Do you know why this happens?

Thank you for your time and have a great day,


Fred 05 Nov 2021, 11:15

Hi, Zuzana
1. go to translations and translate Promokit Widgets module, like this https://take.ms/Rbzz8

2. Yes, I see. There are no such issue in the freshly installed theme. You seem modified some files in the theme
3. I’m not sure that’s themes problem. The theme doesn’t manage translations. Try to update Prestashop to the latest version

Zuzana 05 Nov 2021, 17:42

Hi Fred,
1. thank you, now is the widget translated
2. and 3. - I think I made very few changes, but maybe it was caused by importing the new SK language pack. I am going to complete design changes with and when everything works fine make a copy to the live e-shop. Then I will try to update this test site to and we will see if it helps.
You can close this ticket now.

Fred 06 Nov 2021, 09:58

OK, good luck