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  • Open Date: 11.11.21, 13:23
  • Opened by: luigi viscovo
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Ticket #22582 - AMP Filter Mobile

MOBILE: When I am in the product page and I set the filter and then I enter the product, then I go back with the page, the filter is reset.


Fred 11 Nov 2021, 21:44

Hi, Luigi.
Unfortunately AMP module doesn’t keep filters state so it’s not able to to restore selected filters

luigi viscovo 12 Nov 2021, 12:27

OK thanks..
I wrote a ticket about it to solve the problem by disabling AMP then but I notice that there are always problems .. the responsive part does not work well .. it does not show even the slider that is set. and Links to category links are not considered as links at all.

I await your feedback.
The customer rightly presses me on the fact that he purchased this template specifically for its functionality

Thank you

Fred 12 Nov 2021, 15:20

I have disabled AMP module.
And I see Revolution slider there - https://take.ms/u3nmiK

AMP is just an option we offer to customers, and you are not obligated to use it, I hope you understand

luigi viscovo 13 Nov 2021, 11:26

Yes of course, but here we discuss the fact that the changes that should appear on the responsive side do not apply if I still disable the AMP add-on. So I’m trying to fix the problem with my client removing AMP but making the responsive side work using the SAVED TEMPLATES and adopting the responsive side view for the boxes I want to view and the rest of the content on the desktop side. But this does not apply and therefore on the MOBILE side it is unusable, since it does not apply the changes.

Fred 13 Nov 2021, 22:44

Looks like that’s a duplication of your previous ticket