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Ticket #22831 - alysum 7.3.0 - new cart

Where do i find the new cart type you have on your sample page ? :)
-and does it work with litespeed ?


Fred 28 Dec 2021, 12:28

Hi, Thomas.
What “new cart type” do you mean?
We didn’t test it out on Litespeed anymore, because that server causes too much problem. We have tried to move our demo to Litespeed but unsuccessfully.

Thomas Blauenfeldt 01 Jan 2022, 16:52

i mean this one from your demo page


cart.png (465.8 KiB)
Thomas Blauenfeldt 01 Jan 2022, 16:55

why have you moved away from litespeed ? you still include docker litespeed in the release tho ?

Fred 03 Jan 2022, 10:03

because of unsolved cache problems. Yes, docker image is still included