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Ticket #22872 - Cannot add a product to the widget Dail Deal

I cannot add a product to the widget. (see attached screenshot)

In the inspector i see this error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: id is not defined
Underscore 2
setTitle https://www.zhtest.nl/modules/creativeelements/views/js/editor.min.js?v= onRender https://www.zhtest.nl/modules/creativeelements/views/js/editor.min.js?v= Backbone 4


additem.png (298.8 KiB)


Fred 08 Jan 2022, 12:28

That’s incompatibility of widget and Pro Elementor module. We currently waiting for module update from developers and then will be able to adjust/fix widgets

Martin Crielaard 11 Jan 2022, 12:36

I can give you the latest Pro version for development purposes. Or do you have contact with Kristof from Creative Elements?

Fred 11 Jan 2022, 21:39

I have Pro version for testing purposes, but we are waiting for the module update, they promised to provide it soon.

Martin Crielaard 13 Feb 2022, 10:21

Hi Fred,

I really need this module the shop is live. Any progress?


Fred 14 Feb 2022, 10:18

we currently testing it out with the module with our theme, it’s almost ready, hope to release it soon.