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Ticket #22890 - Update Theme break the Elementor Editor in Products


We are facing issues in the product detail page, everytime we are not able to edit the description in the Product Detail Page using Elementor, i think the new Elementor version breaks the theme or maybe the other way.

Can you help us with that?

Thanks in advance!


Fred 12 Jan 2022, 17:53

Hi, Stefania.
Please update credentials in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your Back-office

Hay un error.
El empleado no existe o la contraseña introducida es incorrecta.
stefania chiappe 12 Jan 2022, 23:50

Hello Fred!

I just did it

Let me know whatever else you need


Fred 13 Jan 2022, 11:01

Sorry, but which shop I have to use
loubotanicals.pe or dev.loubotanicals.pe?
Because loubotanicals.pe back office is still not available

stefania chiappe 13 Jan 2022, 16:34

My friend, the url is: https://www.loubotanicals.pe/ and the backoffice url is: https://www.loubotanicals.pe/adminhada

Another thing is that it is a multistore (PE, and Internacional) and both stores are having the same issue.

Let me know if i can help you with something else!

Thanks in advance,

Fred 16 Jan 2022, 12:24

We spent a lot of time with no success. Could you please ask module developers to help?

stefania chiappe 17 Jan 2022, 21:01

Ok ok i will … but maybe i can help too … what is exactly the problem?? because at the moment i see that the issue with the Product Detail is working now … but of course we are seeing duplicate info just in the editor … but as i said i can help you too … because here we are a small developer team, so let us know what is happening in order to join forces and fix it :-)

Fred 18 Jan 2022, 09:43

how the duplication looks like? could you please take a screenshot?

stefania chiappe 19 Jan 2022, 00:47

yes! .. check this out! https://we.tl/t-rcztQ4XLWD

Fred 19 Jan 2022, 11:08

Ok, I see.
As I can see that does not affect on front page.
We are trying to understand why it happens…