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Ticket #23135 - AMP

I have installed a new module Cookies Low and it does not appear in AMP (mobile version). Any idea?


Fred 10 Mar 2022, 15:24

Any third party module is not compatible with AMP by default. We have “AMPified” all prestashop pages and our own modules for the theme but we are not able to “AMPify” every third party module.

Mgr.Karel Kostrab 10 Mar 2022, 16:14

Apparently you missed the fact that a new version of EU cookies law and GDPR has been in force in the European Union since 2022.
I need to have the current version of EU cookies low on the site. Your cookie notification version is out of date and does not comply with EU law. From 1.1.2022 the visitor must be able to choose between the types of cookies.
It is not fair if I pay for template with but I cannot use it to comply with EU law.
I am asking you to apply a third party module Cookies Low to AMP instead of your unnecessary AMP Message cookies.
Failure to provide support on this issue will knowingly prevent you from making full use of the template purchased by us

Fred 11 Mar 2022, 21:49

Unfortunately we are not able to provide such kind of support service.
We are under russian attack and don’t even have time to reply to our customers in time.
Really sorry and would be grateful for understanding

Mgr.Karel Kostrab 16 Mar 2022, 09:23

How much longer will I have to wait to solve my problems?

Fred 16 Mar 2022, 15:24

You are asking about custom service, not about support.
We currently not able to provide custom service