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Ticket #23305 - Template changes

1 - When products are placed in the shopping cart I would like the number of products currently in the cart to be checked.
How do I enter the number next to it?

2 - The category page shows comparison, wishlist and add to basket buttons on the product. Where can I edit these buttons? Can I remove some of them? How?

3 - I would like to be able to add products to the comparison already on the comparison page.
I would like to add a small list of products ‘with a check’ that adds them to the comparison. Is this feasible? How?



Leonardo Microweb 28 Apr 2022, 15:35

I also need to include the possibility of registering a personal profile on my website with a google/gmail profile. How can I do this?

Fred 29 Apr 2022, 10:06

Hi, Leonardo.
1. As I can see the number indicator is present, but it has white color https://take.ms/2PuxG go to header builder and find where o change the color of indicator
2. All those buttons added by modules. So if you want to remove for example comparison button, just disable the module or unhook it from “displayProductButton” hook
3. There is no such option
4. You need to find a module which has such functionality