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Ticket #23410 - Various problems

Hello, I have a few configuration problems. first, there is no way to work the whatsapp button, always gives error.

The AMP thing there is no way to configure it either, no categories or menu or anything.

Another thing, I need to put a custom link on the right side of the main menu, how can I add it.

And another thing, the sticky-header only works with one or the other part of the header and I need both to be fixed.

Can you help me please?

Thank you very much


Fred 07 Jun 2022, 11:09

Hi, Petra Revest Spain.
1. to fix the whatsapp link open the file


find and remove this piece of code “?ref=pkfacebook” 2. Go to menu settings and add a new item with a link you need
3. In the Theme Settings → Header, you can define an element you want to make sticky by adding it’s class

Petra Revest Spain 07 Jun 2022, 18:07

Hello, thank you very much, point 1 is solved, although it would be nice if the profile image was also shown, but well, it is solved.

About point 2 I already knew it, surely I was wrong and I meant the other side, I attach an image to clarify better.

About the third point surely you refer to put the sticky-header where the arrow of the second image I send you, what I would like to know is where I can put the code directly.

A very important thing that I need to clarify is about the AMP, is it really necessary to use it? very nice but… that’s inconfigurable, so that the page is seen correctly on a mobile, can it be done with the elementor only? or creating the pages only for the mobile, I don’t know, what you think?

Thank you very much

Fred 08 Jun 2022, 10:07

2&3. Please fill out all necessary fields in your profile https://support.promokit.eu/index.php?do=myprofile to access to your Back-office
4. AMP is just an option, and you can disable it if you want. Find more information in the AMP documentation https://alysum5.promokit.eu/promokit/documentation/amp/

AMP was developed to provide simple and fast version for mobile users

Petra Revest Spain 08 Jun 2022, 19:10

Thank you, you have the data you asked me.

Thanks for your help.

Fred 09 Jun 2022, 11:50

2. I just added a link for you, you can change it here https://take.ms/vhyyD

3. Description how to add “stiky” class https://take.ms/XMiAs

Petra Revest Spain 09 Jun 2022, 18:01

Helo, I would have liked a better solution since the custom link because is not fully integrated but well, it works for me, I will find a way to do it better.
The sticky thing I already knew that it goes there, the problem is that it only allows to place it in one of the two sections, then only the first one is stuck, the code should go in another main block that contains both. I suppose that it will be possible to edit some .tpl.

Well, thank you very much for the help, you can close the ticket if you want.


Fred 10 Jun 2022, 10:34

You don’t need to edit template files. You just need to put all the content you want to make “sticky” into one section