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Ticket #23436 - AMP module with error


I have a problem with the AMP module. In the mobile version, module Packet does not offer me button with the choice of delivery location (see image mobile.png. In the desktop version, this problem does not) (see image desktop.jpg)

The second problem that does not allow the termination of the order. After clicking the agreement with the terms&conditions opens cms file with terms&conditions, so far it’s all OK. However, if I close the cms file window, my consent will be canceled. When I re-agree to the terms of the whole process, the process is repeated.

Any idea?


images.zip (362.1 KiB)


Fred 15 Jun 2022, 13:42

Hi, Mgr.Karel Kostrab.
Any third party module is not compatible with AMP by default. We have “AMPified” all prestashop pages and our own modules for the theme but we are not able to “AMPify” every third party module.

Mgr.Karel Kostrab 15 Jun 2022, 15:15


there is no mention on the page where you present the alysum theme that the amp module is not functional with third-party modules. That’s a dangerous scam. I bought this theme especially because it has a FUNCTIONAL amp module.If you do not know or you do not want to ensure the functionality of the amp theme, I ask for compensation. Are you aware that you offer Asylum prestashop AMP theme? That’s cheating on a customer for me.

Fred 15 Jun 2022, 16:01

I clearly understand you. But I would not say that’s our fault, that’s a limitation of AMP technology.
We added special option for such cases like you have - https://take.ms/L41Rz You can enable desktop version for the checkout page to have your third party module working

Mgr.Karel Kostrab 15 Jun 2022, 19:52

Thanks again for the AMP setup advice. I still have a problem with the blog, in AMP mode the articles open. It displays a 404 error in the desktop. They do not appear even if the link is OK.

Fred 15 Jun 2022, 20:44

You are welcome!