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  • Open Date: 05.09.22, 12:14
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Ticket #23726 - Attributes / product variants on page product


Using elementor to create my own page product, how can i use attributes/products variants?
I can find it on elements selection.
Thank you for your reply.



Rizak 07 Sep 2022, 20:22


I really need an answser quickly, my website is losing google positions … Is it possible to create his own product page with product variant?

Let me know please.
Thank you by advance

Fred 07 Sep 2022, 23:21

Hi, Rizak.
Sorry for the delay.
First of all you have to configure your product and add different variants.
Then you just need to add Product Buy widget to a product page layout through Elementor

Rizak 07 Sep 2022, 23:59

Hi Fred,
The product buy widget doesn’t allow to select atrributes or something like that.
It just allows to add cart button … right?

How can i add the product variant section? See “product-variant.jpg” plz.
Thank you for your reply



Fred 08 Sep 2022, 09:13

I just switched your product page to Elementor layout and added Product Buy widget - https://take.ms/B1fBk as you can see there are all your product variations

Rizak 08 Sep 2022, 11:37

Hi Fred,

Sorry but it doesn’t work here… Did i miss anything??

I created a template in elementor called “test” (id=44), could you do the same on this page??

Thank you

Fred 08 Sep 2022, 20:42

I just did it for you with no problem.
Please don’t see on the preview in back office, it’s just an example. The real view is different and depends on certain product

Rizak 09 Sep 2022, 10:39

Hi Fred,

Sorry but I don’t get it, nothing changed on the page “test”.
Where are the “product variant” section shown on my previous image?
See attached files.

… Is it really possible to customise page product buying the alysum template??
I need clear informations please.

Thank you


Fred 09 Sep 2022, 22:06
Rizak 10 Sep 2022, 15:16

Hi Fred,

Ok I get it.
So honnestly, you can’t modify anything about this section on elementor because you can’t see anything … How can i set images size of the “product variant” section then ??

Even on native page product, the size is not good.
Is it possible to set this using css code??

Thank you

Fred 10 Sep 2022, 22:33

I understand the problem. But maybe you can suggest how to improve it? The problem here is that every product has it’s own attributes.
As for the image, you can adjust container width to choose the image size you need - https://take.ms/XeGmC

Rizak 12 Sep 2022, 16:13

Hi Fred,

I have just tried this way and it dosen’t change the size of the pictures.
Currently, the section is set on “33 66”.

Could you put the correct setting to display images correctly?
Thank you

Fred 12 Sep 2022, 19:43

Now I understand the problem I think.
There is no option in Prestashop to have images with different dimensions. As I described you in another your ticket, Prestashop always generates images with dimensions you have defined in the Image Settings.