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  • Open Date: 11.10.22, 18:50
  • Opened by: Dagmara
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Ticket #23829 - Alysum 7.5.0 + PS issues


I found some issues but I don’t want to set up separate tickets for each one, so:

1. Product Comments module:
Not working. If module is enabled with debug mode can’t open product page (error), without debug mode the module does not show up at all on product page. With AMP - the same issues. Now module is disabled and via FTP in template files added “—” - without this a lot of errors.

2. Header Items module:
On BO with debug mode enabled errors - configuration view in module.

There is something wrong with template display in iPad view (test with ipad 10,9 inch) - please check the attachment. In landscape view I can easily change the language and currency, but in portrait view it is impossible.
Also, you cannot close the menu in portrait view because the menu icon is hidden. I don’t know what it looks like on the other tablets, but it doesn’t look good on the iPad. I checked on different versions of the default templates (creative elements - saved templates) - the same situation all the time. It seems to me that the problem arises when the page is wider than the default for tablets.

3. Prestashop gave an error while installing the template on the clean version of PS
Error when disabling module gamification Property Tab → name is empty (Exception O).
With debug mode enabled:
No route found for “GET/improve/design/themes/alysum/enable Method Not Allowed (Allow POST)
Now module is unistalled.

4. Promokit Menu module
With debug mode errors in module configuration view.

5. Product Comparition module
The module is displayed in PLN currency only with a very large range. When in the configuration I set the range between 10 - 50, the tab on the product page is displayed only for EUR and USD, for PLN the tab is visible only when the range is set to 200. I don’t know what it depends on.

6. AMP module
After configuration instagram module (on page working fine), the homepage in the AMP module is showing errors. The default instagram widget was added to the template.
In the order details view on mobile device, the user cannot send the order message. The send button is inactive.

Could you check it please?
Thank you in advance



Fred 11 Oct 2022, 22:59

Hi, Dagmara.
1. I have updated productcomments files, now it seems to work, as I can see for example here https://vianqa.com/en/art/4-16-the-adventure-begins-framed-poster.html#/19-dimension-40x60cm

Dagmara 12 Oct 2022, 09:02

Hi Fred, thanks for your help.

Voting and reporting not working - if i try to add vote or report review, page displays below messeges:
Enable upvotes / downvotes on reviews - checked as YES.
Your review appreciation cannot be sent. Sorry, your review appreciation cannot be sent.
Your report cannot be sent. Sorry, your abuse report cannot be sent.

Also tested with the AMP module on the phone. Product page can’t be opened - FatalThrowableError (with debud mode enabled). With disabled debug mode on product page info - this page is down. The server vianqa.com cannot handle this request at this time.

Fred 12 Oct 2022, 18:01

1.a. You has to be logged in to be able to report reviews.
1.b. Fixed

Fred 12 Oct 2022, 18:07

3. We currently testing new version 8.0 that will be released soon and this issue is already fixed.

Fred 12 Oct 2022, 19:05
Dagmara 12 Oct 2022, 20:30

In fact, when I am logged in, I can add a rating and report abuse, but the confirmation messages are always the same (the ones I wrote above) and it does not matter if I am logged in or not. There is no information that I should be logged in, and even if I add a vote and can see it after refreshing the page, a message is displayed that it’s not possible to vote. The same is with reporting, on BO you can see user report but frontpage says that the report cannot be sent.
OK, thanks.

2. Menu is OK, but header icons are not working.
When I use the tablet in landscape view, all the displayed links working fine, when I turn the monitor to the portrait view, the links also working, but only until the page is refreshed or until any link on the page is clicked.
In the portrait view:
- my account icon expands the menu list after logging in, but my account page cannot be accessed, the link is inactive
The same icon is next to the cart icon - link to my account does not work in the portrait view (after logging in, only the menu list is displayed)
- comparision icon expands to display the list of products selected for comparison, but cannot go to the comparison page because the link is inactive
- my favorite products icon works in the same way as the comparison icon, the product list expands, but the link to the page with the list of products added to favorites does not work
- language icon does not expand the language list
- currency icon does not expand the list of currencies
In the opposite situation it’s exactly the same, if I run the page in the portrait view, header icons doesn’t work, and after turning the monitor to the horizontal view, they still doesn’t work. You need to refresh the page for them to work.

3. Ok

Fred 13 Oct 2022, 22:37

1a. Fixed, please test
2. should be fixed now https://take.ms/ZnNCd

Dagmara 14 Oct 2022, 22:07

1a. OK,
2. Seams to be OK.

7. I found another one issue - Promokit Blog module
If i try to add tags on BO (AdminSimpleBlogTags) i see error - ContextErrorException. Tags added on blog post pages (configuration pages) are added to the list, but can’t be edited.
Tags are not displayed on the post page.
Social buttons on post page also not working.
7a. I try to add to AMP menu link to blog page (custom label), if I add link vianqa.com/en/blog, page shows simple mobile header instead of header from apm module.
On AMP homepage is as default widget Blog Posts (Simple blog) which displays featured posts regardless of widget settings. When I click on the link, it redirects me to the blog page (not to post page) with the header from the amp module, in the post view there is also the header with the apm module, but in the category view there is, unfortunately, simple mobile header. I tried to add pages in seo & url settings but it doesn’t work properly. It only redirects correctly from homepage.

Fred 16 Oct 2022, 11:07

4. Not able to reproduce the issue. Tested out on fresh prestashop and theme installation.
5. Please upload attached file to the /modules/pkcompare/classes and test out the problem


Fred 17 Oct 2022, 18:41

6. In progress… 7. The new Blog module version 1.8 will be available in the next theme update soon

Fred 21 Oct 2022, 17:42

6. Try to reset Instagram module and re-connect it to your account

Dagmara 25 Oct 2022, 18:40

4. Ok. for some reason, the error does not appear for me anymore.
5. When I replace a file, tab is not displayed at all, and in addition, the tab from the product tabs module is no longer visible.
6. if I do a module reset, will I lose all configuration data?
Have you checked the problem with sending messages to the order? - AMP module active, logged in user can’t send a message, button is inactive.
7. Ok, so i’m waiting impatiently.
8. Something is wrong with product image thumbnails if popup is active. Please see attachment.


Fred 25 Oct 2022, 21:38

5. yes, sorry, now it’s fixed
6. Yes, that’s why reset is needed. There is not much configuration there, isn’t it?
8. Please give me a link to that product

Dagmara 26 Oct 2022, 18:22

5. Now seems to be ok.
6. After resetting the module, it is ok.
8. https://vianqa.com/en/men/25-virtual-product-2.html

Fred 26 Oct 2022, 19:32

8. Please try now, it seem to be fixed

Dagmara 26 Oct 2022, 21:27

8. Looks like it’s fine now. Thanks.

Fred 26 Oct 2022, 21:33

You are welcome!