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Ticket #23840 - AMP issues detected in people-fashion.dk

From Google Search Console I get such kind of errors|:

Top critical issues*

Missing URL in HTML tag link rel=canonical.


Fred 14 Oct 2022, 16:59

That’s because Creative Elements overrides AMp. Go to Modules Manager and disable Creative Elements for mobile - https://take.ms/nYmy7

Vidmantas Dapkus 17 Oct 2022, 21:02

I disable Creative Elements for mobile but still have validation issues regarding “!important” usage in AMP.

Fred 17 Oct 2022, 21:10

AMP is valid by default. Please make sure your custom CSS code doesn’t contain “!important”

Vidmantas Dapkus 18 Oct 2022, 08:31

Yes, the custom.css file has important. Is possible to load the different custom.css file for AMP only?

Fred 18 Oct 2022, 17:13

AMP does not use the same CSS files as desktop theme. It has it’s own custom CSS in the AMP Settings → Customer CSS