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Ticket #23883 - Latin special characters not displaying correctly

I am having problems with displaying special characters on theme frontend.
Headings and body texts are fine, but tabs, titles, buttons and section titles are not displaying right although I have enabled use of special Latin characters.

In the attachment I am sending you a screenshot of Product detail tab and on this link you can see the product: https://keramikasanitarije.rs/flex-kolekcija/30-122-zidne-plocice-ragno-flex.html#/55-dimenzije-76x25cm/56-boja-flex_cenere

Thank you in advance for support.



Fred 26 Oct 2022, 17:40

Hi, Alhemitzar Studio.
Go to Theme Settings → General tab, and make sure you have enabled “Latin Extended Symbols” option

Alhemitzar Studio 26 Oct 2022, 20:53


Yes, I have enabled this option and I still get wrong characters, but mostly in admin area and on buttons and tabs. In body text, heading, product titles special characters are supported and displayed just fine.

Fred 27 Oct 2022, 09:01

But we do not manage fonts in admin area, only in front page

Alhemitzar Studio 08 Nov 2022, 01:58

Thank you very much for the answer. I found where the problem is and solved it. I just didnt enable extended Latin characters on time - and the system translated it with wrong characters.
After activation I managed to located all bad translations and fix them.

Thank you.
The theme is really great!

Fred 08 Nov 2022, 17:31

Great! You are welcome